My ‘Be The Lighthouse’ program is for women who have taken 30 days off booze and have seen the possibility for a life less ordinary, a life they don’t want to escape from.

This 12 week small group coaching program will kick start your wellness journey into a life beyond alcohol, change your relationship with yourself and give you the clarity and vision to start building a life that feels like ‘home’.

You will have access to:

- All the latest research, science, behaviour and habit theories shared in one supportive, shame free, compassion led small group community

- All latest research around nurturing your body and brain nutritionally and somatically into this new phase of your mid-life.

- We will explore how we can best support the nervous system, work with our inner-child and shadow selves. To create a life we want to model for our kids.

- Weekly 90 minute zoom live group coaching sessions

- Homework to work on & share with the group between sessions

- Private group connection with regular topic based 'Lives' and updates

Program starts first week in October 2022.

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