“Lighthouses are calm, light, beacons of safety in a storm. Finding true freedom from alcohol, gives you the opportunity to




for your family by creating a safe home in yourself.


You will cultivate a scaffolding of practices, and have access to deeply transformational community, content and coaching to help you re-discover, fall in love with and harness the person you were meant to be without alcohol”

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“Lighthouses are a calm, light, beacons of safety in a storm. Finding true freedom from alcohol, gives you the opportunity to




for your family by creating a safe home in yourself.


You will cultivate a scaffolding of practices, and have access to deeply transformational community, content and coaching to help you re-discover, fall in love with and harness the person you were meant to be without alcohol”


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'Be The Lighthouse' is for you...


If you have taken a successful break from alcohol and are keen to continue. 

It is for women who are ready to commit to creating an authentic and powerful life.

Who are tired of numbing & denying their experiences daily and are ready to do the work of learning to sit with and move through their discomfort. 

Women who are ready to dig into and challenge long held beliefs about alcohol, society and themselves that are keeping them stuck playing small.

Who are ready to truly be free of the desire to drink and are keen to create a new parenting narrative for their kids.

I'd love to chat in person before committing


Hi I'm Emma! 

I am a counsellor, psychotherapist, Senior This Naked Mind and Grey Area Drinking coach.

Having completed a long and very messy break up with alcohol in January 2020, I have been learning how to create a life where I am less reactive, better able to cope with what life throws at me, and most importantly less likely to abandon myself and give away my power. 

I am one block ahead on this journey to the true me and I can’t wait to share my learnings and strategies for cultivating a life I don’t need to escape from one I am proud to model for my kids.


My Mission

  • To stamp all over the idea that there is something wrong with any of us for forming an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.   
  • To help women like me find freedom so that they can release their potential by coming back and creating a loving home inside themselves.   
  • To unpick all the bullshit we have been fed that is keeping us playing small and to celebrate and love the hell out of the women we really are.

What is included...

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Weekly accountability to build an appropriate scaffolding to create the life you love and support your nervous system

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A loving and intimate community of like-minded women determined to have an extended break from booze using video messaging to really cultivate connection. 

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Weekly group zoom coaching to dig into limiting thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck

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Content to learn how to cultivate a beautiful, calm and healthy home inside yourself

This membership is for you if:

  • You have taken 30 days off alcohol and decided they want to try a longer break from alcohol.
  • You are open to and enjoy group coaching and going deeper into the reasons why you were using alcohol.
  • You have read This Naked Mind or participated in an Alcohol Experiment.
  • You would like support to keep accountable and learn new skills.
  • You enjoy getting vulnerable with and supporting other women on a similar journey to you.
  • You want to do the work (journalling, reflection, coaching, trying new practices out) to build a life that you don’t want to escape from.
  • You want to cultivate the skills to calm your nervous system be with difficult thoughts and feelings and keep choosing you.
  • You want to learn to regulate your nervous system so that you can co-regulate with the people you love.

This is not for you if:

  • You can’t get a month alcohol free, give or take a day or two. There is nothing wrong with that, but this is not that program. If that is you, download my awareness worksheets HERE and reach out for a discovery call HERE - I can help you, just not here.
  • You are still wanting to moderate (at least for the duration of the program, this is not the program for that)
  • You are resistant to coaching and don’t want to be challenged on your thoughts and beliefs around alcohol.
  • You aren’t willing to try new things, like journaling and meditation.
  • You don’t enjoy hanging with a bunch of cool ass mid-life bad ass women - changing it up.
  • You don’t like the odd swear word or some peri-menopausal lapses in memory or the occasional forgetting what we are talking about mid sentence.
  • You don’t like a giggle and the occasional dance or singing outburst. 


You might be thinking...

The 'Be The LightHouse' Promise


Over the membership you will learn how to sit with discomfort without needing to reach for a wine to cope.

Imagine being able to have the family pushing all your buttons and being able to keep your cool and behave in a way that you can feel proud of. 

You will be able to walk into any social event and know that you fit in exactly as you are, and sit with the discomfort of small talk without reaching for dutch courage. 

You will learn to prioritise your health and wellbeing so that you can not only model that for your loved ones but have the bandwidth to stand with them as they navigate their own emotional realities. 

You will learn to tune into your body's needs and no longer have to use alcohol as permission to rest or as the fuel to push through when you are spent. 

You will build a beautiful loving relationship with yourself where your needs get to matter as you navigate this next most creative and fulfilling part of your life. 

You will find true freedom from alcohol, it will become small and irrelevant and you will happily choose to leave it.

 A step-by-step comprehensive membership designed to help you create a life that you not only no longer want to escape, but are excited to wake up to each day by combining coaching, community, and transformational content to unlock each step on your journey to put you back in control in other areas of your life and learn things like:

  • Shedding your anxious and repetitive thinking
  • ​Creating new levels of self-confidence
  • ​Discovering your true values what is most important to you
  • ​Opening your mind to new beliefs and opportunities
  • ​Going after what you really want
  • ​Cultivating inner calm, and becoming peaceful inside
  • ​Managing discomfort in relationships, and social situations
  • ​Living more aligned with your values
  • ​Taming the inner-critic in your head
  • ​Learning how joyfully to do the things that are best for you
  • ​Taking life more lightly and inviting playfulness into your life
  • ​​And so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What You Get When You Join the

Be The Lighthouse Membership

(Besides pure joy, happiness, and the life you desire...)

What's included:

  • Monthly content from Emma and other guest experts (including nervous system regulation, learning to sit with big emotions, how to manage anxiety, working with our shadow selves, understanding and working with our inner children, learning to be the adult in our relationship with ourselves and how to have our own backs) 
  • Intention setting and scaffolding practices
  • Accountability
  • Weekly 'live' small group coaching with focus on limiting thoughts and belief transformation
  • 24 hour access to video and community group support
  • Regular journaling prompts and reflections
  • Access to nervous system regulating resources
  • Bespoke Meditations
  • Exploring alcohol-free beverages
  • Breathwork course

Annual Membership

$1970 AUD

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Monthly Investment

$197 AUD

Monthly Payments

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How 'Be The Lighthouse' Works

Be the Lighthouse is a membership program designed to continue your journey beyond alcohol and delivers equal parts Science, Grace and Ancient Wisdom.  

As a result, Be the Lighthouse is built on 3-key pillars supporting your lasting & transformational change.



Once You Join Be the Lighthouse, you’ll get access to an archive of lessons by Emma and other experts.

This content is all about DECONSTRUCTING all the B.S. that each of us has inside our heads that prevents us from living the lives we are truly meant to live. There is a library of content where we remove all the barriers to our internal wisdom. The wisdom each of us needs to hear most.

This is your LIFELINE

This information speaks not only to your conscious but your subconscious, rewiring and repatterning it for effortless and lasting change in many areas of your life beyond alcohol. 

This is your RESET BUTTON

This is your chance to restore your brain and emotions to your purest default setting as we were intended to exist.



Get Better & Faster Results WHILE Enjoying Your Journey

I will walk this journey alongside you to provide additional support, accountability, additional teachings and so much more. I will also serve as your implementation guide to ensure the practices I teach can be easily applied to your life. 

This is your GRACE-BASED, COMPASSION-LED journey

Much like my Aussie Alcohol Experiment, I am are here to foster a grace-based and compassion-led space for you to safely explore your new life.

These are your WEEKLY Coaching Calls

You will meet with me every week for Transformation Coaching Calls.



The RIGHT Community Creates & Speeds Up Change

I am excited to bring you, 'the Be The Lighthouse Community', the best platform I have found to create community - video messaging. You will build deeper connections with your community than ever before!

This is your 4-MINUTE MILE

When Sir Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile, we all learned something incredibly important… Once we see something IS POSSIBLE, it STOPS being impossible. And with enough training, it’s even possible for US. 

This is your BRAIN’S PROOF

When you engage with the right community - one where people, right in front of your eyes, are achieving the results you want, your subconscious mind will start to believe the same joy and happiness is possible for YOU.

What Others Are Saying...



Before joining Be The Lighthouse... I noticed my alcohol intake had increased to daily and when I tried to cut back I found I couldn't. I was feeling trapped, tired and depleted by its control over me. I worked out that I needed more than just myself to hold accountable and so I completed a few alcohol free courses which were great, however I always returned to my nightly drinking. In July this year i completed the Aussie alcohol experiment with Emma whom helped me to finally see the light and kick my alcohol habit for good. I felt fantastic and confident, I was free from the booze! Now that I was living life again with a clear mind I was curious about what else I could do for myself or how I could harness this new found confidence. I then found Emma’s BTL was calling my name and I didn't hesitate to join.

Working with Emmas as the group coach... It was an absolute pleasure working with Emma!! Emma is hugely knowledgeable in not only alcohol addiction but all the resources that come with a recovery from it. Emma is funny, casual and easy going but also thorough, attentive and serious when required. I always felt safe, respected, nurtured and encouraged with Emmas coaching. Emma truly has a gift for working with people in this space.

My results were... I am now 6 months alcohol free from working with Emma. I have learnt so many techniques which support my now nourished life. I am taking on new ideas and steering myself towards greater things. I have also not had a cigarette in 30 days as of today.

Advice to people wanting to join Be The Lighthouse... You will not regret it. You will learn so much about yourself and your needs. Emma will guide you and inspire you to find and be your best self.


- Louise


Before joining Be The Lighthouse... A continuing pattern of successful alcohol free weeks and then easily sliding into drinking heavily again.

Working with Emma as the group coach... Wonderful. However, I am very familiar with you and I feel very safe!

My results were... I feel very well ‘armed’. I have so much information and so many different positive experiences from BTL which I draw on daily to assist keeping me alcohol free.

Advice to people wanting to join Be The Lighthouse... I would highly praise your commitment, and your warmth. You have put so much work into this program it is an excellent resource for anyone. You are very caring and understanding, as well as full of useful strategies and suggestions.


- Ali


Before joining Be The Lighthouse... I had stopped drinking but wanted some support in the next chapter of the journey.

Working with Emma as the group coach... Lovely! You are so down to earth, warm, humorous, knowledgable and made me feel totally at ease.

My results were... I feel so much stronger, confident and ready to deal with whatever comes next.

Advice to people wanting to join Be The Lighthouse... Emma is amazing to work with, down to earth, warm, humorous, knowledgable and makes you feel totally at ease. She shares her own experiences freely and is definitely in the right line of work.


- Helen



Living a life where your emotions run freely. You no longer judge yourself and you are in control of yourself, your beliefs, and your future.

More importantly, your trust in yourself is unwavering and steadfast.

You can...

get back in touch with yourself. 

…forever unwind all the beliefs and learnings that have prevented you from living alcohol-free. 

…sleep well, knowing that you’re in control, at peace, and you’re building the life you really want.

…show YOURSELF and your loved ones what’s truly possible when you stop escaping and start embracing life the way it is.

begin and end your day loving yourself – and look forward to living the best version of yourself again tomorrow! 


Don’t you want to see how amazing Be the Lighthouse can be?


I'd love to chat in person before committing


This program is not intended for individuals with a physical dependence on alcohol. This program is not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological treatment or evaluation. It is strongly recommended that you seek professional advice regarding your health before attempting to incorporate any advice from this program into your life, especially if you have reached a point of physical dependence. By participating in this program you agree to the full terms and conditions.