Webinar - A Scream In A Bottle: Neurodivergence, Menopause & Alcohol

Join Emma Gilmour, one of Australia's leading transformational coaches in alcohol-free living, as she unlocks the secrets to balancing success and self-care without turning to alcohol, towards a life filled with limitless potential, presence and authenticity in this transformational webinar.

Webinar - A Scream In A Bottle: Neurodivergence, Menopause & Alcohol

Emma's lived experience as a late diagnosed Autistic ADHD Human. 

You will learn: 

  • How drinking makes total sense through a neurodivergent, trauma informed, highly sensitive lens. 
  • How menopause interracts both with neurodivergence and drinking. 
  • What to do to step into your unmasked identity alcohol-free.

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