$119.85 AUD

Webinar Bundle Offer

So, you REALLY want to feel incredible?

Too many successful women think that not drinking would feel restrictive.

I will show you a way to stop drinking that feels expansive and abundant.

Too many successful women stop drinking but still wish they could drink.

I show exactly how to stop wanting to drink alcohol and never give it a moments further thought.

Life is supposed to be fun!

I will show you how to rediscover and embody your innate joie de vivre from before alcohol came along and made it all about him!

These webinars will help you wherever you are in your relationship with alcohol.

The bundle is for people who want to access to ALL my life changing webinars and watch them whenever you get a window.

What you'll get:

  • Webinar 1 - How to Break Your Drinking Cycle: Reclaim Your Saturday Mornings!

  • Webinar 2 - Ditch the Wine Witch Narrative: Stop Battling Cravings and Start Really Living!

  • Webinar 3 - Why Successful Women Drink: How to Balance Success & Self-Care Without Turning To Alcohol.

  • Webinar 4 - The Two Questions About Our Relationship With Booze That Change EVERYTHING & why.

  • Webinar 5 - A Scream In A Bottle: Neurodivergence, Menopause & Alcohol

30 days to watch from date of purchase. 

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