Webinar: The Two Questions About Our Relationship With Booze That Change EVERYTHING And Why

Join Emma Gilmour, one of Australia's leading transformational coaches in alcohol-free living, as she shares with you the two most important questions she learnt from training with Dr. Gabor Maté. Questions which will change your relationship with booze FOREVER!

'The Two Questions About Our Relationship With Booze That Change EVERYTHING And Why'

Fed-up with feeling like a failure at this giving up booze thing?

No idea 'how', or even 'if', you can do the silly season (or other event) booze free?

Learn from one Australia's top alcohol coaches and learn these two important questions to ask yourself that will change EVERYTHING - in just one hour.

You will learn...

  • Why being dependent on alcohol is not your fault.

  • Why letting go of the false belief that there is something wrong with you is imperative.

  • The role our childhood plays in our adult experience of life.

  • Demonstrating for our kids our relational safety and sense of self so they are less likely to look externally for comfort.

  • How to re-parent your emerging true self so she no longer has to abandon herself to feel safe.

  • Includes a pre-recorded webinar and downloadable workbook

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