Why Successful Women Drink Webinar

Join Emma Gilmour, one of Australia's leading transformational coaches in alcohol-free living, as she unlocks the secrets to balancing success and self-care without turning to alcohol, towards a life filled with limitless potential, presence and authenticity in this transformational webinar.

'Why Successful Women Drink:
How to Escape Doing 'All The Things' Without Using Booze'

You will learn:

  • How alcohol allows us to suppress our authentic experience and the hidden damage that can do our personal & professional trajectory.

  • How our attachment style, creates the 'Type A' personality type, and why perfectionism and control create the perfect storm for a person trying to take a break or reduce their drinking.

  • How anxiety and perfectionism are the opposite of what is needed for a 'take it or leave it' relationship with alcohol. And how to create that.

  • Tools to create a plan for the lead up to the festive season or other big events without the need to escape our experience of life with alcohol.

  •  Includes a pre-recorded webinar and downloadable workbook

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