Imagine having an awesome time socializing without alcohol, sleeping like a baby, being heaps less anxious and genuinely feeling relaxed without alcohol...



Imagine having an awesome time socializing without alcohol,

sleeping like a baby,

being heaps less anxious

and genuinely feeling relaxed without alcohol...


Sounds impossible, right?  I want to show you just how easy it can be!




Join heaps of others, just like you, who have ALREADY experienced effortless life-changing moments, incredible breakthroughs, and fun ah-has.


The Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment LIVE Takes the STRUGGLE Out of Changing Your Life

You want to be happier and healthier.

You wonder what it would be like to feel more whole and fulfilled… but you’ve tried giving up alcohol before and it’s never worked for you.



The Great Aussie Alcohol LIVE 30-Day Experiment effortlessly disconnects the emotional and subconscious ties you feel to alcohol so you don’t even want it anymore! 

That means YOU get to decide the role it plays in your life. YOU become the captain of your own ship. YOU control your body. And YOU decide what makes you feel the healthiest, allows you to have the most fun, and what a fulfilled life looks like to you. 

Hi I'm Emma! 

A deeply feminist counsellor and coach, helping mid-life bad ass women find their groove without booze.

The having it all myth ...

The pressure on women in mid-life is insane.

We grew up with  Madonna on our Walkmans, ‘Working Girl’ at the cinema and ‘we can have it all’ expectations.

Fast forward twenty years and we have been all the things the mum, the wife, the career woman. 

Running full throttle on caffeine, booze and adrenaline for so long, we are literally ‘Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown’.

It all came to a head for me in 2018 when I suffered burnout from years of chronic stress and I had to leave my corporate career.

After, countless drunken cab rides and trips to the emergency, my eldest child told me to stop bringing wine into the bedroom at storytime as it was making them feel anxious, it really hit home...

I retrained as a counsellor and psychotherapist, stopped drinking and became an alcohol coach to help other women on the same trajectory.

Trying to drink less and live the life you want?



What you will learn

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Awareness around drinking

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How to change your habits and rituals

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Look deeply into your conditioning 

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Why it’s so hard to drink less

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How to improve relationships with loved ones 

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How to interrupt your current patterns of drinking

“I am so grateful for Emma and this experience and everything it has taught me. I feel regenerated in hope and knowing that I have turned my life for the better and I no longer desire alcohol. I definitely recommend Emma and the live experiment for anyone wanting a break from booze.

Thanks again Emma!!”


~Lou C

What's Included:

  • DAILY Live Q&A Coaching

    You’re NOT alone! Get real-time answers to your most pressing questions so you can stay in momentum, feel supported, and know you’ve got what you need to succeed

  • DAILY Life-Changing Videos

    This is where the magic happens! Our science-backed and compassion-led videos are sent to you each morning so you start your day empowered and ready to live in the power to choose!

  • DAILY Reflections Prompts

    Dig deep into your personal ah-has, insights, motivations, thoughts, and reminders when you use our journal prompts to help you succeed AND enjoy the journey!

  • FUN & Lasting Relationships

    Make lasting, life-changing relationships, and have a ton of FUN doing it! We’re just like you, experimenting with becoming our best selves. You’re in good company!

  • A Powerful Community

    Enjoy the most engaged, positive, and encouraging community on the planet! With unmatched grace, we support each other to move in the direction of the life we desire. 

  • Lifeline of a Certified Counsellor & Coach

    ​Your coach and mentor is your lifeline of accountability, and support. I am a trained counsellor, This Naked Mind & Grey Area Drinking coach (and I have a heart) I am ready to be your ‘plus one’ on the road to success.

    Plus these bonuses....
  • My favorite non-alcoholic drink guide & discount code for online purchases.
  • 3 Bonus meditations.

The Next 'Great' Aussie Alcohol Experiment - LIVE (Daily Coaching) Starts June 3, 2024


What's Included:

  • Daily coaching videos & emails to keep you accountable. 
  • Journaling prompts (yes, you have homework)
  • Access to my free private Facebook community 
  • Live Q&A's with Emma in the Facebook group. 
  • Live demonstrations of the most common limiting beliefs people hold around alcohol and how to transform them for yourself. 

Plus these bonuses....

  • My favorite non-alcoholic drink guide & discount code for online purchases.
  • 3 Bonus meditations. 

The Next 'Great' Aussie Alcohol Experiment - LIVE (Daily Coaching) Starts March 4, 2024




"Thank you so much Emma and the group. I had an absolutely fabulous month with you all. I felt totally supported and safe, and enjoyed all the learning and sharing. A life changer!!"

~ Ali H


"Emma is a fantastic supportive coach. She understands and is non judgemental and caring. Amazing live coaching sessions and daily information. I have been alcohol free during the whole experiment. Have slept well and feel amazing. Will keep going AF. Thankyou Emma. Xx "

~ L.C.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to shift their relationship with alcohol
  • You’ve tried to drink less but can’t seem to do it on your own
  • If you’ve quit drinking but find you need additional support
  • If you’re questioning how much you drink. 

  • Maybe you know you drink way too much, and you want to stop.
  • Or maybe you’re just curious.
  • You’re questioning whether you might be overdoing it a bit.
  • If you're wondering why in the world you keep drinking, even though you’ve made a conscious decision to cut back or quit altogether.
  • If you're sick of waking up with a hangover, having to piece together conversations, and wondering if you said or did anything embarrassing.
  • If you're not even enjoying yourself anymore.

If you’ve tried to give up or moderate your alcohol consumption in the past and failed.  You need to know it’s not your fault. There’s something going on that you’re probably not aware of. And once you understand it, your eyes will be opened, and you’ll be able to undergo this experiment in a meaningful way. It won’t be just another failed attempt at willpower.

 How it works

  • When you sign up for the 30 day Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment  - LIVE you will get an email with your login info.
  • Check your inbox to get access to our free private Facebook Community. 
  • You’ll get daily emails from me daily with journaling instructions.
  • The videos will explain the different concepts that helped me and countless other people change their relationship with alcohol forever!!!!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have other questions about The Great Aussie Alcohol 'LIVE 30 day' Experiment that aren’t answered here? Email us at: [email protected]

What The Great  Aussie Alcohol

LIVE 30-Day

Experiment Is NOT...

This is not a sobriety or recovery program. Instead, this is an experiment. A rules-free, non-judgmental, fun way to experience 30-days without drinking so you can decide what you want your life to look like. My program can, however, be a vital tool to help you change your drinking habits or even ‘stop drinking’ if that’s your goal. 

Just know, you’re never stuck, forced into decisions, or overwhelmed with permanency during The Experiment (even on day 30!).

I'm simply here to support you in an experiment - a chance to dip your toe in and see if you like how the water feels.

When’s the last time you took 30-days just for YOU?

Here’s your chance.

Experience the Difference...

We’ve all been there. We start out strong, determined this time will be different… only to have life throw a curveball sending us straight back to our old, frustrating ways. 

And the worst part is, every time we don’t achieve what we set out to, we blame ourselves. We say our willpower or self-control wasn’t strong enough. 

But can I tell you something? That’s not true and it’s not your fault!

See, without a shift in DESIRE, we’ll NEVER achieve lasting change. 

So how do we shift desire? 

During my LIVE 30-Day Aussie Alcohol Experiment we’ll address your feelings and root reasons directing your actions and decisions. 

Then, we’ll rewire those thought patterns through daily reading, video training, and expert interviews. 

But it’s SO MUCH MORE than simply addressing habits. I’ll walk you through an effortless shift surrounding how you feel about alcohol so that you can live in the power to choose and experience the true happiness, health, and freedom you desire. 


The Great Aussie Alcohol 'LIVE 30-Day' Experiment is brought to you by Hope Rising Coaching a Certified Senior This Naked Mind Coach and based on the program by This Naked Mind the Live Alcohol Experiment.  This is the program that changed my life entirely which is why I am so passionate about bringing my version of it to you

At Hope Rising Coaching, our mission is to put you back in control by improving your relationship with alcohol and removing your desire to drink. This is done through a journey of facts, neuroscience, and logic throughout our various programs.

Through education and enlightenment based on the most recent insights across psychology and neuroscience, you are able to forever change your relationship – without pain, without rules, and without missing out.


This program is not intended for individuals with a physical dependence on alcohol.

This program is not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological treatment or evaluation. It is strongly recommended that you seek professional advice regarding your health before attempting to incorporate any advice from this program into your life, especially if you have reached a point of physical dependence. By participating in this program you agree to the full terms and conditions.