#08 - Amy Armstrong and the Magic of AF Drinks

Amy Armstrong and the Magic of Alcohol-Free Drinks

If you are interested in alcohol-free drinks, but don’t know what to choose or where to go to find out, this episode is for you. This week’s podcast guest is the founder of Dry But Wet, a business that provides reviews and recommendations for alcohol free drinks. She is passionate about connecting people with the best alcohol free options so that they can enjoy social situations without feeling like an outsider.

"I just sensed that I'd completely lost control and I wasn't enjoying it anymore."

A self-declared ex “Boozy Tragic”, Amy Armstrong is on a mission to normalise alcohol-free drinking experiences. Amy’s mission is to connect people with the best alcohol free drinks possible so that they can enjoy a special occasion or night out without having the dreaded FOMO, and still feeling like they're an adult when they're having a social drink. 

In this episode, Amy shares:

  1. The benefits of giving up alcohol, like increased confidence and improved mental and physical health
  2. The challenges of giving up alcohol, including social pressure and withdrawal symptoms
  3. The role of community in giving up alcohol, and support groups and the Alcohol Experiment have helped her to rediscover her zest for life
  4. Why advocacy for sober and sober-curious individuals is such an important part of Amy’s work

We believe that everyone deserves to drink the best things, and Amy is here to make sure of it!



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