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For mums of teens with busy, overwhelming lives. Wanting to replace alcohol with nurturing self-care, to start building a life that feels like home. 

Supporting your body and mind in the transition to a life you don't need to escape from. One you would like to model for your kids.

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"Emma’s warmth, non-judgemental approach and engaging manner was very helpful in our coaching sessions. Knowing she has also experienced the journey towards freedom was very reassuring and instilled confidence. It was a joy to talk with her and she is obviously well equipped with many tools to help anyone to seek a life of freedom, without judgement. She helps unpack beliefs and develop goals to move forward. She places herself beside you in your journey."

Tara H.
1:1 Coaching Client

"Can't thank you enough Emma, for your guidance on my journey to sobriety. Your warm & friendly manner, made me feel instantly at ease & your insightful coaching style, assisted me to become aligned with my values & move forward in a positive direction in my life."

Tracey J.
1:1 Coaching Client

"Emma is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have the pleasure of knowing. She has been working along side with me on my quest of becoming Alcohol Free, sharing her knowledge and ‘ tools’ of the trade. In times when I am feeling lost Emma helps direct me back on the right path of my journey. A true star. ⭐️"

Donna D
1:1 Coaching Client

About Emma

I am a certified This Naked Mind & Tuning in to Teens™ emotionally intelligent parenting coach.  My coaching practice is for parents who want to model a healthy relationship with alcohol for their kids.  I work with people wherever they are on their journey with alcohol and whatever they want their coaching outcome to be: to take a break, to moderate or to go alcohol free. 

My mission is to get rid of the stigma surrounding seeking to change our relationship with alcohol. You will find no shame, blame or judgement in my coaching program. My goal is to help you take back control and find the freedom of making alcohol a small and insignificant part of your life.


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