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As a mum of teens life is busy, sometimes it's overwhelming. The hormone cocktail of peri-menopause and adolescence feels like a pressure cooker about explode. 

Do you want to stop erasing yourself with booze and start building a life that feels like home?

Working with me you learn to how to support your whole self as you transition to a mid-life you don't need to escape from.  One you are proud to model for your kids.

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Hi! I’m Emma

A deeply feminist counsellor and coach, helping mid-life bad ass women find their groove without booze.

The having it all myth ...

The pressure on women in mid-life is insane.

We grew up with  Madonna on our Walkmans, ‘Working Girl’ at the cinema and ‘we can have it all’ expectations.

Fast forward twenty years and we have been all the things the mum, the wife, the career woman.

Running full throttle on caffeine, booze and adrenaline for so long, we are literally ‘Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown’.


You started using wine as a way to switch off, to relax, to shut off the 'to do' list.

You start to notice that all your leisure time is built around booze. If booze isn’t on the cards you don't really want to go.

Holidays are so soaked in booze, you need another one just to recover.

You’ve done Feb Fast, Dry July, Sober October, but you always feel like you are missing out, and count the days 'til it finishes.

The 3am wake-ups and self recrimination gets you down and the kids have started to mention your drinking. 

You are sick of the constant push and pull it creates in your already full to bursting brain.  

This isn’t the life you want to model for your kids. 

Sound familiar?


I get it, you and me both ...

It all came to a head for me in 2018 when I suffered burnout from years of chronic stress and I had to leave my corporate career.

I retrained as a counsellor and psychotherapist, stopped drinking and became an alcohol coach to help other women on the same trajectory. 


Working with me you will learn how to:

  • Stop erasing yourself with booze and step into your power as your authentic self.
  • Self validate, love and comfort yourself to become more resilient and self sufficient meeting your own needs as they arise.
  • Support your body and mind  by healing and nurturing your whole self giving you the best possible foundation for alcohol-free living.
  • Build a new relationship with yourself and the world around you by creating an alcohol-free or sober curious identity that makes you proud, fits you well and feels empowering to wear.

"Emma’s warmth, non-judgemental approach and engaging manner was very helpful in our coaching sessions. Knowing she has also experienced the journey towards freedom was very reassuring and instilled confidence. It was a joy to talk with her and she is obviously well equipped with many tools to help anyone to seek a life of freedom, without judgement. She helps unpack beliefs and develop goals to move forward. She places herself beside you in your journey."

Tara H.
1:1 Coaching Client

"Can't thank you enough Emma, for your guidance on my journey to sobriety. Your warm & friendly manner, made me feel instantly at ease & your insightful coaching style, assisted me to become aligned with my values & move forward in a positive direction in my life."

Tracey J.
1:1 Coaching Client

"Emma is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have the pleasure of knowing. She has been working along side with me on my quest of becoming Alcohol Free, sharing her knowledge and ‘ tools’ of the trade. In times when I am feeling lost Emma helps direct me back on the right path of my journey. A true star. ⭐️"

Donna D
1:1 Coaching Client

How can we work together?

3 Months

Grey Area Drinking Coaching

1:1 Coaching

My 1:1 coaching will help you wherever you are on you alcohol journey and whatever your goals for alcohol coaching are.  

It doesn't have to be forever, I promise!

We will co-create a personal program to support your journey to take back control and make alcohol a small and irrelevant part of your life. 

By the end of work you will have all the tools you need to embark on this next stage of your life.  Your self esteem and resilience will be stronger as you will have learnt to believe, develop a relationship with and rely on your authentic self.

You will have access to:

Free 30 minute breakthrough call

1h30 intake call

1hr 1:1 coaching sessions

DIRECT access to me between sessions – response time within 48 hours

Guided learning through This Naked Mind & Gray Area Drinking materials (including the books This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment)


30 Day

The Aussie Alcohol Experiment

Small Group Coaching

Join me for the next Aussie Alcohol Experiment run in a small group format based around Annie Grace's famous book and course.

By the end of the 30 days you will know a lot more about yourself and your relationship with alcohol, you will feel better, look better and be able to decide how you want to go forward with this experiment into the rest of your life.

You will have access to:

- All the latest research, science, behaviour and habit theories shared in one supportive, shame free, compassion led small group community

- 6 * 90 minute live group coaching sessions with coach Emma

- Homework to work on & share with the group between sessions

- Private group connection with regular topic based 'Lives' and updates

- 1* 30 minute 1:1 coaching session for each candidate as part of the program


12 Week

Be the Lighthouse

Small Group Coaching

My ‘Be The Lighthouse’ program is for women who have taken 30 days off booze and have seen the possibility for a life less ordinary, a life they don’t want to escape from.

This 12 week small group coaching program will kick start your wellness journey into a life beyond alcohol, change your relationship with yourself and give you the clarity and vision to start building a life that feels like ‘home’.

You will have access to:

- All the latest research, science, behaviour and habit theories shared in one supportive, shame free, compassion led small group community

- All latest research around nurturing your body and brain nutritionally and somatically into this new phase of your mid-life.

- We will explore how we can best support the nervous system, work with our inner-child and shadow selves. To create a life we want to model for our kids.

- Weekly 90 minute live group coaching sessions

- Homework to work on & share with the group between sessions

- Private group connection with regular topic based 'Lives' and updates

- 2* 30 minute 1:1 coaching session for each candidate as part of the program

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About Emma

I am a counsellor and certified This Naked Mind, Gray Area Drinking & Tuning in to Teens™ parenting coach.  My coaching practice is for parents who want to model a healthy relationship with alcohol for their kids.  I work with people wherever they are on their journey with alcohol and whatever they want their coaching outcome to be: to take a break, to moderate or to go alcohol free. 

My mission is to get rid of the stigma surrounding seeking to change our relationship with alcohol. You will find no shame, blame or judgement in my coaching program. My goal is to help you take back control and find the freedom of making alcohol a small and insignificant part of your life.

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Acknowledgement of Country

Hope Rising Coaching is based in Hobsons Bay, Victoria, Australia.  We acknowledge the Bunurong People of the Kulin Nation as the Traditional Owners of these municipal lands and waterways. We recognise that the land was never ceded and we pay our respect to Elders, past, present and emerging.


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