Emma was born in the UK and moved to Melbourne in Australia about ten years ago. She lives with a husband, two daughters and two cats (Sparkle and Frosty).

Emma had worked in corporate marketing for companies like Mars, Warner Bros & The Walt Disney Company for 20+ years. When, a couple of years ago, she felt burnt out and as if the life she was living was no longer made sense. She was tired of the long hours in the job she had always put first, her relationship with her husband was not in a good place and felt like she didn’t really know her kids. So she decided to leave the corporate world on a quest to find a life and life-style that she actually wanted to live.

Emma slowly began to put herself back together again starting with a daily practice of running, yoga and meditation. She studied counselling and Tuning in to Teens™ (emotionally intelligent parenting). Things improved considerably, but she didn’t really feel like she had found her place in the world. Until, in January 2020, after listening to This Naked Mind on Audible and Annie’s podcasts she decided to join the January Live Experiment. The experience was life changing and she immediately knew coaching people around their relationship with alcohol was her calling.

Emma’s mission is to get rid of the stigma surrounding seeking help to change our relationship with alcohol. You will find no shame, blame or judgement in Emma’s coaching program. She works with women wherever they are on their journey with alcohol and whatever they want their coaching outcome to be: to take a break, to moderate or to go alcohol free. Her goal is to help women take back control and find the freedom of making alcohol a small and insignificant part of their life.

Emma helps women step into their personal power by shifting their mindset around alcohol, moving from a place of deprivation to a place of nourishment and self love. She helps families improve their emotional well-being through the present, peaceful, connection that a healthy relationship with alcohol can bring.

Emma works with mums of tweens and teens who are questioning their relationship with alcohol and wanting to model a healthy relationship with alcohol for their kids.

Want to change your relationship with alcohol, but, not ready to stop drinking yet?

Want to set yourself up for success when you are ready to take a break?


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