Midlife AF Podcast


If you're a woman in midlife whose intuition is telling you that giving booze the elbow might be the next right move. Midlife AF is the podcast for you. 

Join counsellor, psychotherapist This Naked Mind and Grey Area Drinking alcohol coach Emma Gilmour for a weekly natter about parenting, quirky teens, menopause, relationships and navigating this thing called ‘MIDLIFE’ alcohol-free. 

If you're feeling that life could be so much more. That you're sick and tired of doing all the things for everyone else. If your intuition is waving her arms manically at you saying “It could all be so much easier if we didn't have to keep drinking”. 

Come with me. Together we'll find our groove. Without booze. 

Latest episodes


Welcome to the Midlife AF podcast - for women navigating midlife and their relationship with alcohol! 

In this preview episode, I'm sharing my intentions for the podcast and what you can expect as a regular listener to the show!


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Episode #01

In this episode Emma takes us on the journey from her days as a corporate marketing manager, via a pretty unpleasant breakdown (spiritual awakening), through her long and messy break-up with alcohol and ultimately to where we find her today working as a counsellor, psychotherapist & alcohol coach, living happily alcohol-free.

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Episode #02

In this Episode Emma talks to her beautiful friend and fellow alcohol coach Faye Lawrence about their recent diagnosis as ADHD.  Faye founded the extraordinary social meet-up group for people who are wanting to socialise without booze. 


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Episode #03

In this episode of midlife, we meet the Queen, the thought leader, the godmother of grey area drinking and coaching - Jolene Park.


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Episode #04

In this episode of Midlife AF, I'm going to introduce you to one of my favourite people and probably one of the most influential teachers that I've come across since I've been following this path to an alcohol free midlife.

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Episode #05

In this episode of Midlife AF I talked to my friend, the beautiful Natalie Battaglia. Nat and I met during the alcohol experiment in 2020. Nat runs the most beautiful and amazing business, called The Mindful Mocktail. 

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Episode #06

In this episode of Midlife AF, you'll get to meet my wonderful friend and virtual assistant Lou Coates. Lou joined me for the Aussie Alcohol Experiment back in July 2021. We'd never met each other before. And she was such an amazing help to me as a participant in the group reminding me to press record on my zooms, and so on. We ended up becoming friends. And I asked her to come and work with me.

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Episode #07

This episode is about getting the message out there that the Aussie Alcohol Experiment program is coming, what’s involved and why it means so much to me.  We talk about why stopping drinking is not the objective of joining the alcohol experiment. Why it’s a journey of love and self discovery and such an important self care option for women in midlife. Especially with the silly season fast approaching.

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Episode #08

If you are interested in alcohol-free drinks, but don’t know what to choose or where to go to find out, this episode is for you. This week’s podcast guest is the founder of Dry But Wet, a business that provides reviews and recommendations for alcohol free drinks. She is passionate about connecting people with the best alcohol free options so that they can enjoy social situations without feeling like an outsider.

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Episode #09

In this episode of Midlife AF we talk about happiness, the pursuit of pleasure, and happiness as a form of contentment with the ups and downs of life.

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Episode #10

On this episode of Midlife AF, I know you’re going to love meeting a very special guest, Katie Underwood!

Katie shares how to achieve an altered state through natural means when you are seeking something spiritual and enlightening without drugs or alcohol.

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Episode #11

On this episode of Midlife AF, host Emma Gilmour is taking a look at what happens when we choose to be alcohol-free, but our partners and loved ones aren’t coming along for the ride.

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Episode #12

Thrivalist and The Alcohol-Free lifestyle coach, Sarah Connelly shares her powerful story and gives an insight into the unique highs and lows of being a HSP.

Join Emma and Sarah as they take us on a deep dive into strategies to start rewriting what is okay and what is not okay not only at a personal level, but in a step to foster broader, positive societal change.

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Episode #13

This episode I am talking about all things Christmas AF.

Or more specifically, together we will be exploring the expectations and pressure that we put on ourselves having been conditioned to be responsible for everybody else's experience.

It’s not your typical Christmas chit chat, so strap in for some self-love!

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Episode #14

On this episode of Midlife AF, I know you’re going to love meeting a very special guest, my client and dear friend Ali!

In this episode, Ali shares her own unique pathway towards living a happy, alcohol-free life which has seen many ups, downs and in-betweens.

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Episode #15 

It’s officially 2023, so naturally in this episode I'm going to talk about what the New Year means for me, and what it can mean for you as you navigate all of the feelings that come with the unwrapping of a brand new calendar.

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Episode #16

In this episode, we talk about social awkwardness, feeling the responsibility for everybody else's experience, as well as touching on the important topic of emotional sobriety.

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Episode #17

This episode we are talking about The Buzz - the reason people drink.

That super guy who comes in and makes everything warm and fluffy, takes us away from ourselves, stops the bloody chatter in our head, gives us an excuse to sit down, gives us that floaty light feeling, and enables us to be fun and funny...or does he?

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Episode #18

This episodes guest, Ellie Crowe is a This Naked Mind grey-area drinking coach and podcast host of Present and Sober.

Ellie has been alcohol free since 2019 and is passionate about helping other moms reconnect with themselves and find freedom from alcohol.

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Episode #19

In this episode, Emma explores why taking a break from drinking and reducing alcohol consumption is the most radical act of self-care. She shares how the fear of being rejected, alone, and unloved can be present in people who drink, especially those with trauma in their backgrounds.


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Episode #20

In this episode Emma welcomes Rebecca to share her powerful and relatable alcohol-free journey with the world.

After six years of living a completely alcohol-free life, Bec found herself craving the odd drink or two. And slowly but surely, alcohol started to get a bit of a hold again as she began to hide her drinking and feel the shame attached to it.

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Episode #21

Emma Walkinshaw is the creator of 21 Minutes of Morning Magic - a program designed to provide a daily practice of yoga, meditation and journaling and in this episode she shares her journey of mindfulness and the power of curiosity.

By taking a break from alcohol, Emma has achieved a higher level of joy in her life which she now shares with others on their alcohol-free journey.

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Episode #22

When Amelia found herself struggling with her relationship with alcohol, she joined the Aussie Alcohol Experiment and began a journey of self-discovery and sobriety, discovering that her path to freedom is supported by a powerful and uplifting group of women.


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Episode #23

This BONUS episode explores what taking a break from booze and exploring what your relationship with alcohol is really about!

The Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment is based on research, compassion, and understanding. It is an experiment, rather than a program to stop drinking, and the goal is to break limiting beliefs around alcohol. 

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Episode #24

When today's guest - a yoga teacher and meditation healer - sought help for her emotional and physical instability, she discovered that the last time she drank was the start of her journey to reclaim her power and stop her 10+ year dependency on alcohol.

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Episode #25

In this powerful episode, Liz opens up about her journey as a lawyer who worked with traumatised women for 10 years before reaching breaking point and knowing she had to change her career.

After discovering Qoya - a movement practice that allowed her to connect with her body and express her emotions without judgement or expectations - Liz became a Qoya teacher and used it as a powerful tool to rebuild her identity post-burnout and alcohol.

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Episode #26

Take a deep breath, replace guilt with gratitude, and create your best life with a special guest, Heidi Nicole.

Heidi is a sober lifestyle coach and a 20-year Air Force veteran. She is a trained Grey Area Drinking Coach who is passionate about empowering women to create a new lifestyle and reach their full potential.

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Episode #27

After a lifetime of partying, Faye Lawrence found herself navigating a new reality when she stopped drinking and embarked on a journey of self-discovery, accountability, and connection as she discovered a new way to socialise without alcohol and challenge the stigma that comes with it.

Faye is a world-leading Gray area drinking coach and founder of Untoxicated, a sober meetup group. She has written a Ted Talk on the subject and runs her own coaching business.


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Episode #28

Emma's life was filled with chaotic energy, yet she managed to keep it all together until she suddenly experienced an emotional breakdown. As she began to rebuild her life, she discovered her two children had ADHD and autism. This led her to learn more about neurodivergence and perimenopause, which she believes was the key to understanding her own struggles. After years of trying to fit in, she finally found peace and is now helping other women in midlife find the same.


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Episode #29

Special guest Rebecca Maxwell is a divorce coach who helps women navigate the breakup or breakdown of a relationship.  She encourages her clients to create their own joy and to trust their intuition to create the life they want.

Rebecca took a year off drinking when she was going through her own divorce, and she believes that taking a break from alcohol can help people to manage their feelings of discontent in their relationships.  She believes taking a break from alcohol helped her to push her own boundaries and find her true self again.


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Episode #30

In this episode of Midlife AF, Emma takes a deep dive into the topic of authenticity versus attachment, and how it affects us as women in midlife who are finding our groove without booze.

Emma discusses the importance of being our true selves and the struggles we face when trying to fit in with societal norms. She also touches on attachment theory and how our adaptive behaviors are formed.


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Episode #31

This week's guest is Jo Wise, a dynamic leadership coach who specialises in helping women navigate their midlife experiences with grace and authenticity.

Jo's love for swimming has opened the door for her to make genuine connections with other women, forming supportive and inspiring friendships. She believes in the importance of having a network of strong, like-minded individuals who are driven to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. 


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Episode #32

Are you a woman in midlife looking to travel without alcohol? In this episode of Midlife AF, Emmas talks about her recent long-distance flight experience and the differences in travelling sober versus with alcohol. She discusses her upcoming program, the Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment Live, and shares tips for navigating travel without relying on alcohol to relax, soothe pain, or ease nerves.


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Episode #33

Join host Emma Gilmour in this  episode as she explores the profound connection between living alcohol-free and unlocking our human potential.

Discover how shedding the constraints of alcohol can lead to embracing authenticity, intuition, and a life of abundance. Get ready to tap into your own magic and unleash your true potential in this inspiring episode.

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Episode #34

In this episode Emma Gilmour shares her personal experience with the Alcohol Experiment and shares what sets it apart from other alcohol-related programs. As the launch of the program approaches, Emma reflects on how participating in the experiment and now leading it herself has made a profound difference in her ongoing relationship with alcohol. 

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Episode #35

In this episode Emma is joined by special guest Jane Hutchinson, a nurse, herbalist, nutritionist, and women's health expert.

Emma and Jane delve into the importance of rest during the midlife stage, particularly in perimenopause and beyond. They explore the challenges women face, the impact of societal expectations, and how rest can be a transformative tool for well-being.

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Episode #36

In this episode of Midlife AF, Emma Gilmour dives into the disorienting realisation that the people who are supposed to be in charge often don't know what they're doing.

Drawing from personal experiences as a child and as a parent advocating for her own child's needs, Emma explores the impact of this realisation on our lives as adults. She discusses the interplay between pushing through exhaustion, societal expectations of resilience, and the role these factors play in women's relationship with alcohol.

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Episode #37

In this episode of Midlife AF, Emma Gilmour invites special guest Dr. Louise Oliver to explore the fascinating connection between breathing, menopause, and snoring. Dr. Oliver shares her expertise as a GP and breathing specialist, revealing how our breathing patterns impact our sleep quality and overall well-being. Discover how perimenopausal and menopausal hormones can affect snoring and learn actionable tips to improve your breathing for a restful night's sleep.

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Episode #38

In this episode Emma explores the common tactic of "playing it forward" in sobriety circles and questions its long-term effectiveness for achieving alcohol freedom. She shares her personal struggles as a parent of a neurodiverse child and highlights the societal pressures that contribute to exhaustion and burnout.

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Episode #39

In this powerful episode of Midlife AF, Emma welcomes Lisa Corduff, an influential transformational coach, into a conversation about navigating the challenges of supporting loved ones who are going through difficult times.

Together, they explore the importance of self-care, creating space for oneself, and finding inner strength amidst struggles.

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Episode #40

In this deeply personal episode of "Midlife AF," join Em for a warm conversation with her transgender son, Bug. Together, they open up about their unique experiences, discussing what it was like for Bug to grow up with a mother struggling with problematic drinking, their family's journey around neurodivergence, and the significance of understanding and supporting trans kids.

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Episode #41

Join host Emma Gilmour in the warm and informal podcast, Midlife AF, where she engages in an important conversation with non-diet dieticians Meg and Susan. Together, they discuss the significance of protecting children from diet culture, healing personal wounds around body image, and navigating midlife without the influence of alcohol.

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Episode #42

The "Barbie" movie's message about the patriarchy's impact on women struck a chord with me, leading me to explore the reasons why women turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism. In this episode, I'll discuss how breaking free from the trance of patriarchy is a powerful journey that can lead to liberating ourselves from alcohol's grip.

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Episode #43

Discover the magic of creativity as a tool to cope with boredom, regulate emotions, and find connection with others. Tune in to learn how unleashing your creativity can be a superpower in midlife, bringing joy, freedom, and a renewed sense of purpose.

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Episode #44

Step into the world of radical self-discovery as Emma takes us through a poetic exploration of the profound changes that accompany midlife. Join Emma as she shares her personal experiences, insights, and wisdom gained from her own journey of midlife awakening.

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Episode #45

Are you ready to shake off the weight of societal demands and embrace your unique brilliance? Tune in to this episode and let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and finding solace in our beautifully imperfect selves.

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Episode #46

Join Emma as she explores the profound journey of rediscovery without the influence of alcohol. With three and a half years of alcohol-free living under her belt, Emma shares her story with insights that will inspire you to embrace your authentic self and full human potential.

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Episode #47

Join us for an inspiring conversation as Emma sits down with her friend and former Aussie Alcohol Experiment participant, Lou Coates. Lou shares her remarkable journey of breaking free from the alcohol cycle and embracing a life of clarity and authenticity.

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Episode #48

Join Emma and the incredible Tina Tower in this episode of "Midlife AF." Tina, an inspiring entrepreneur and mentor, takes us on her personal journey of going alcohol-free for a year. No holds barred, she spills the beans on how this decision rocked her world, transformed her business, and deepened her family bonds.

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Episode #49

In this heartwarming episode of Midlife AF, I'm joined by the inspiring Josephine Lancuba. Together, we dive deep into the profound impact of adverse childhood experiences and the healing potential found in resilience, forgiveness, and self-acceptance. 

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Episode #50

In this episode we're diving into the world of interoceptive awareness. But first, let me introduce our incredible guest, Dr. Emma Goodall. She's not just a specialist; she's a researcher, author, and an amazing autistic woman. In this episode, Dr. Goodall will shed light on why understanding our inner body signals is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to our mental health.

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Episode #51

In this episode, I had the privilege of sitting down with Anthony Hammond, a pub owner from Melbourne who's not only on a personal journey of AF living, but is also creating a safe haven for others to explore the world of alcohol-free choices.

It's a story that's both inspiring and incredibly relevant to many of us.

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Episode #52

Join me on this week's episode of Midlife AF as I sit down with the incredible DJ Lady Langers.

Discover the powerful story of how music and authenticity transformed Michelle's life as she embraced an alcohol-free journey.

Together, we discuss the importance of community, connection, and the joy of dancing through midlife. Get ready for an uplifting conversation filled with insights and inspiration.

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Episode #53

On this week's episode of Midlife AF, I'm diving deep into the transformative power of intention in midlife. We're tackling the topic of alcohol freedom, self-awareness, creativity, and more. No guests today, just me sharing insights and experiences that can help you navigate this incredible journey called midlife.

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Episode #54

In this episode, I'm talking with special guest Kristy Forbes about neurodivergence, autism, and the dangers of pushing through our limits.

Kristy shares her experience of being diagnosed late in life with autism and PDA, and how that helped her understand her children's needs.

We also discuss the conditioning to be productive and compliant, and how that leads to burnout.

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Episode #55

I'm sitting down with autism advocate Jenny Loughran to discuss moving beyond a pathology model of understanding autism.

Jenny shares her journey of late diagnosis and how advocating for her son led to a deeper understanding of herself.

We discuss the importance of neurodiversity-affirming language and creating spaces where neurodivergent people can truly be themselves.

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Episode #56

In this episode, I'm discussing the difference between being preoccupied with alcohol vs finding freedom from it.

I'm talking about about how our triggers stem from unmet needs and big emotions, and how learning to regulate our nervous system and be present with difficult feelings is key to long-term change.

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Episode #57

In this episode, ADHD coach Sharon Collon shares her top tips for enjoying social events without relying on alcohol.

She discusses strategies for managing sensory overload and social anxiety, including visualising your ideal night, pacing your drinking with a sensible friend, and setting social challenges to stay engaged.

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Episode #58

In this episode, I'm discussing personality types and attachment theory. I share how our personality types can be influenced by our upbringing and environment, and how certain personality types can make embracing an alcohol-free life more difficult.

I'm also giving you some tips for managing the upcoming holiday season without relying on alcohol.

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Episode #59

Viv Dawes is an autism advocate and author who specialises in autistic burnout.

In this conversation, she discusses her experience helping parents of autistic children experiencing severe burnout and shares insights into the causes and effects of burnout. She also addresses the lack of understanding from professionals and how the education system can better support neurodivergent students.

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Episode #60

In this episode, I'm talking about reframing your relationship with alcohol from one of fear and resistance to making choices in the present moment.

I'll explore why we drink to escape uncomfortable feelings give you strategies for managing stress and self-care during the busy holiday season without relying on alcohol.

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Episode #62

This week I'm sharing tools and strategies for managing the pressures of Christmas while either drinking intentionally or staying alcohol-free. I'll cover making a plan, conserving energy, having excuses prepared, and choosing non-alcoholic drink options. 

I'm also diving into the challenges around social expectations and pressure to drink.

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Episode #63

In this episode, I'm sharing my unexpected journey to being Midlife AF after deciding to do a Dry January experiment.

I share how listening to the This Naked Mind podcast led me to question my beliefs around alcohol and ultimately stop drinking.

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Episode #64

In this episode, I'm opening up about my personal experiences with bullying, burnout, and mental health challenges. I'm also discussing the importance of community in overcoming adversity and finding joy.

Key themes of this deeply personal episode include trauma, neurodiversity, midlife transitions, and creating a ""village"" of support.

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Episode #65

This week I'm talking about fear around making commitments and change, the difference between viewing life through an abundance or scarcity lens, and how to stay motivated as we return to routines and work.

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Episode #66

I'm opening up about what it means to be coachable and open to change. I talk about my own training and methodology as both a coach and counsellor, and the importance of looking deeply at underlying reasons for behaviours rather than surface fixes.

Key takeaways include understanding your relationship with discomfort, learning to nurture yourself through distress, and choosing self-care over people-pleasing.

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Episode #67

In this episode, I chat with Rebecca Jade, a doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture as well as a meditation and yoga teacher. We discuss the benefits of yin yoga and how it can be used as a form of medicine to address physical and mental health issues.

We also touch on the importance of having practices like yoga and meditation to support an alcohol-free life.

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Episode #68

Emma Walkinshaw shares her personal transformation from struggling with lack of body acceptance to becoming a transformational life coach focused on intuitive eating and body positivity.

She discusses overcoming internalised fatphobia and the importance of challenging societal beauty standards. Emma also provides insights from her upcoming Body Love Revolution summit aimed at normalising all bodies.

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Episode #69

Amy Guerrero joins me to discuss her personal journey overcoming addiction through somatic experiencing and internal family systems therapy. We explore the importance of integrating personal growth into our professional lives and cultivating trust within ourselves. Amy shares how she now helps individuals develop their unique gifts to bring to the world through her Lead with Love program.

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Episode #70

On this episode of Midlife AF, I talk with Filipa Bellette about her book "Ending Body Burnout" and our experiences with burnout, people-pleasing, and alcohol use.

We discuss the connection between underlying beliefs, trauma, and dysfunctional behaviors, as well as ways to address both physical and mental imbalances for lasting change.

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Episode #71

Hayley shares how she struggled to control her drinking despite being successful in other areas of life. She discusses finding community and accountability through daily online meetings, and how this helped her build confidence.

We also discuss personal growth practices like priming, gratitude journaling, and Ho'oponopono that have supported our wellness journeys.

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Episode #72

I'm chatting with money coach Alpha about the importance of financial literacy and independence for women in midlife. We discuss how our childhood experiences with money and alcohol have shaped our work empowering women. Alpha shares tips for separating finances in relationships and overcoming limiting beliefs around money.

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Episode #73

When Amelia found herself struggling with her relationship with alcohol, she joined the Aussie Alcohol Experiment and began a journey of self-discovery and sobriety, discovering that her path to freedom is supported by a powerful and uplifting group of women.

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Episode #74

This week Danni Carr joins me to discuss our personal journeys of sobriety and self-discovery. We share insights on addressing the underlying issues that lead to alcohol abuse through compassionate self-inquiry. You will learn strategies for journaling, managing anxiety, and cultivating self-acceptance.

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Episode #75

In this episode, I sit down with author Ann Dowsett Johnston to discuss the complex relationship between women and alcohol. Ann shares her personal journey with addiction and recovery, and how societal expectations have enabled problematic drinking patterns.

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Episode #76

This week I'm sitting down with my dear friend Sarah Rusbatch to discuss our journeys navigating midlife without alcohol. Sarah shares her personal story of overcoming alcohol addiction and discovering her authentic self through sobriety and self-care. We also discuss the impacts of perimenopause and the importance of prioritising our own needs.

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Episode #77

In this episode, I'm discussing how a busy brain is a common reason why many women, especially those who are neurodivergent, use alcohol to cope. We'll explore where a busy brain comes from and how perfectionism plays a role.

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Episode #78

Vic shares personal stories from her journey navigating midlife without alcohol after years of binge drinking and partying. We discuss the impact of addiction on identity and self-discovery, as well as how trauma and societal pressures influenced our relationships with alcohol from a young age.

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Episode #79

Child psychologist Leanne Tran discusses her work supporting neurodivergent children and teenagers. She talks about common diagnoses like ADHD and how parents can better understand and help their kids. Leanne also shares about the online courses she's creating to educate parents on how to create supportive structures at home.

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Episode #80

I'm joined by my teacher Jay Moon Fields to discuss the transformative journey of embodied self-care. Jay shares insights from over 20 years working somatically to help people develop mindfulness of the mind-body connection.

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Episode #81

I'm joined by Jane and Nicole from Seasterhood Adventures who chat about about their mission to facilitate swimming trips and adventures for women. Jane and Nicole share their passion for creating inclusive spaces for women to connect through the sea.

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Episode #82

In this episode, I discuss the importance of community for those seeking an alcohol-free life and personal growth. Stepping out of our comfort zones and social conditioning requires support. I share how connecting with others facing similar challenges has helped me stay grounded in difficult times and feel empowered to be my authentic self.

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Episode #83

Get a sneak-peek at my upcoming free webinar on mindset shifts for reducing drinking, a 5-day live alcohol reset program, and my signature 30-day Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment starting in June.

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Episode #84

I'm sharing how shifting my perspective completely transformed my experience reducing alcohol. What used to feel like a struggle and deprivation has become a journey of empowerment.

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Episode #85

For those new to my circle or new to the podcast, I'm sharing my personal journey of reducing and eventually stopping drinking. I open up about growing up neurodivergent and using alcohol to mask and fit in, and how examining my beliefs about alcohol led me to question my identity and relationship with myself. 

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Episode #86

This week I chat with friend of the podcast and returning guest, Victoria Vanstone from Drunk Mummy, Sober Mummy and Sober Awkward about the importance of storytelling in our alcohol-free lives. We discuss how sharing our stories helps others feel less alone and more empowered to make changes.

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Episode #87

In this BONUS episode I'm reflecting on my journey of self-discovery through taking breaks from alcohol and learning to embrace vulnerability. I'll share how affirmations, meditation, difficult conversations and community support have helped me to finally cultivate self-love and authentic relationships.

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Episode #88

I'm welcoming autism parent and author Kate Laine Toner to discuss her experiences raising an autistic child and discovering her own autism later in life. Kate shares insights from her book "Where Do I Start?" on navigating the emotional journey of autism parenting and prioritising self-care.

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Episode #89

This week I'm discussing one of my fave topics - the myth of the "buzz" from drinking alcohol. We will explore how many of the commonly held beliefs about the positive effects of alcohol are actually untrue and examine why "the buzz" is something many people feel they will miss out on without drinking.

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Episode #90

Lindsay Beveridge shares her journey in overcoming alcohol addiction through studying nutrition and exploring mind-body practices like Kundalini yoga. We discuss how genetics, hormones and neurotransmitters impact mental health and addiction, and how to support recovery through lifestyle changes. 

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Episode #91

In this episode, I discuss how trauma is held in the body and why somatic experiencing is so important for healing. I explore the relationship between trauma, the nervous system, and addiction. You will learn practical tools like breathwork and yoga to connect with their felt sense and regulate emotions.

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Episode #92

I'm discussing the links between disappointment, people-pleasing behaviours, and alcohol use in midlife women. We'll explore concepts like unmet expectations, examining our beliefs and needs, and letting go of seeking external validation. 

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Episode #93

In this episode, I sit down with Amanda Lockyer, an expert on supporting families and spouses of those struggling with addiction. Amanda shares her personal journey and insights on navigating the complexities of relationships affected by addiction. We discuss the challenges of enabling, setting boundaries, and prioritising self-care while supporting a loved one.

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Episode #94

I dive deep into the complex relationship between alcohol and excitement. As women in midlife, many of us have come to associate drinking with feelings of anticipation and thrill. But is this excitement real, or are we chasing a false sense of vitality? Join me as I unpack the psychology behind our drinking habits, explore how our identities are tied to alcohol, and discover ways to reclaim our natural vibrancy without relying on external substances.

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