Midlife AF Podcast


If you're a woman in midlife whose intuition is telling you that giving booze the elbow might be the next right move. Midlife AF is the podcast for you. 

Join counsellor, psychotherapist This Naked Mind and Grey Area Drinking alcohol coach Emma Gilmour for a weekly natter about parenting, quirky teens, menopause, relationships and navigating this thing called ‘MIDLIFE’ alcohol-free. 

If you're feeling that life could be so much more. That you're sick and tired of doing all the things for everyone else. If your intuition is waving her arms manically at you saying “It could all be so much easier if we didn't have to keep drinking”. 

Come with me. Together we'll find our groove. Without booze. 

Latest episodes


Welcome to the Midlife AF podcast - for women navigating midlife and their relationship with alcohol! 

In this preview episode, I'm sharing my intentions for the podcast and what you can expect as a regular listener to the show!


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Episode #01

In this episode Emma takes us on the journey from her days as a corporate marketing manager, via a pretty unpleasant breakdown (spiritual awakening), through her long and messy break-up with alcohol and ultimately to where we find her today working as a counsellor, psychotherapist & alcohol coach, living happily alcohol-free.

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Episode #02

In this Episode Emma talks to her beautiful friend and fellow alcohol coach Faye Lawrence about their recent diagnosis as ADHD.  Faye founded the extraordinary social meet-up group for people who are wanting to socialise without booze. 


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Episode #03

In this episode of midlife, we meet the Queen, the thought leader, the godmother of grey area drinking and coaching - Jolene Park.


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Episode #04

In this episode of Midlife AF, I'm going to introduce you to one of my favourite people and probably one of the most influential teachers that I've come across since I've been following this path to an alcohol free midlife.

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Episode #05

In this episode of Midlife AF I talked to my friend, the beautiful Natalie Battaglia. Nat and I met during the alcohol experiment in 2020. Nat runs the most beautiful and amazing business, called The Mindful Mocktail. 

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Episode #06

In this episode of Midlife AF, you'll get to meet my wonderful friend and virtual assistant Lou Coates. Lou joined me for the Aussie Alcohol Experiment back in July 2021. We'd never met each other before. And she was such an amazing help to me as a participant in the group reminding me to press record on my zooms, and so on. We ended up becoming friends. And I asked her to come and work with me.

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Episode #07

This episode is about getting the message out there that the Aussie Alcohol Experiment program is coming, what’s involved and why it means so much to me.  We talk about why stopping drinking is not the objective of joining the alcohol experiment. Why it’s a journey of love and self discovery and such an important self care option for women in midlife. Especially with the silly season fast approaching.

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Episode #08

If you are interested in alcohol-free drinks, but don’t know what to choose or where to go to find out, this episode is for you. This week’s podcast guest is the founder of Dry But Wet, a business that provides reviews and recommendations for alcohol free drinks. She is passionate about connecting people with the best alcohol free options so that they can enjoy social situations without feeling like an outsider.

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Episode #09

In this episode of Midlife AF we talk about happiness, the pursuit of pleasure, and happiness as a form of contentment with the ups and downs of life.

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Episode #10

On this episode of Midlife AF, I know you’re going to love meeting a very special guest, Katie Underwood!

Katie shares how to achieve an altered state through natural means when you are seeking something spiritual and enlightening without drugs or alcohol.

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Episode #11

On this episode of Midlife AF, host Emma Gilmour is taking a look at what happens when we choose to be alcohol-free, but our partners and loved ones aren’t coming along for the ride.

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Episode #12

Thrivalist and The Alcohol-Free lifestyle coach, Sarah Connelly shares her powerful story and gives an insight into the unique highs and lows of being a HSP.

Join Emma and Sarah as they take us on a deep dive into strategies to start rewriting what is okay and what is not okay not only at a personal level, but in a step to foster broader, positive societal change.

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Episode #13

This episode I am talking about all things Christmas AF.

Or more specifically, together we will be exploring the expectations and pressure that we put on ourselves having been conditioned to be responsible for everybody else's experience.

It’s not your typical Christmas chit chat, so strap in for some self-love!

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Episode #14

On this episode of Midlife AF, I know you’re going to love meeting a very special guest, my client and dear friend Ali!

In this episode, Ali shares her own unique pathway towards living a happy, alcohol-free life which has seen many ups, downs and in-betweens.

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Episode #15 

It’s officially 2023, so naturally in this episode I'm going to talk about what the New Year means for me, and what it can mean for you as you navigate all of the feelings that come with the unwrapping of a brand new calendar.

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Episode #16

In this episode, we talk about social awkwardness, feeling the responsibility for everybody else's experience, as well as touching on the important topic of emotional sobriety.

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Episode #17

This episode we are talking about The Buzz - the reason people drink.

That super guy who comes in and makes everything warm and fluffy, takes us away from ourselves, stops the bloody chatter in our head, gives us an excuse to sit down, gives us that floaty light feeling, and enables us to be fun and funny...or does he?

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Episode #18

This episodes guest, Ellie Crowe is a This Naked Mind grey-area drinking coach and podcast host of Present and Sober.

Ellie has been alcohol free since 2019 and is passionate about helping other moms reconnect with themselves and find freedom from alcohol.

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Episode #19

In this episode, Emma explores why taking a break from drinking and reducing alcohol consumption is the most radical act of self-care. She shares how the fear of being rejected, alone, and unloved can be present in people who drink, especially those with trauma in their backgrounds.


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Episode #20

In this episode Emma welcomes Rebecca to share her powerful and relatable alcohol-free journey with the world.

After six years of living a completely alcohol-free life, Bec found herself craving the odd drink or two. And slowly but surely, alcohol started to get a bit of a hold again as she began to hide her drinking and feel the shame attached to it.

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