#27 - Discovering Yourself Alcohol Free - Faye's Journey to Socialising Sober

After a lifetime of partying, this week’s guest found herself navigating a new reality when she stopped drinking and embarked on a journey of self-discovery, accountability, and connection as she discovered a new way to socialise without alcohol and challenge the stigma that comes with it.

Faye Lawrence is a world-leading Gray area drinking coach and founder of Untoxicated, a sober meetup group. She has written a Ted Talk on the subject and runs her own coaching business.


In this episode, Faye and Emma dive into:

  1. Redefining Social Life without Alcohol: How can people stay connected and socially active without alcohol?
  2. The Impact of Life Transitions: What changes in friendships and social outlets can come with major life transitions?
  3. Exploring New Skills: How can people explore their interests and connect with others in meaningful ways without relying on alcohol?

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