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In this episode, I had the privilege of sitting down with Anthony Hammond, a pub owner from Melbourne who's not only on a personal journey of AF living, but is also creating a safe haven for others to explore the world of alcohol-free choices.

It's a story that's both inspiring and incredibly relevant to many of us.

Let's dive right in!

Episode Takeaways:

⭐️ Anthony Hammond, the man behind two pubs in Melbourne, shares his incredible journey and we chat us all about the "Sober October" event, co-organized with Greg from "Brewski Dads" and Anita from "The Sober Rebellion."
⭐️ Anthony opens up about his own struggles with alcohol and how he's now celebrating 2.5 years AF.
⭐️ We explore how societal norms surrounding alcohol, particularly in industries like sports and hospitality, can contribute to addiction issues.
⭐️ Together, we delve into the concept of being AF and connection within the very setting you might least expect it: a pub.
⭐️ Listen in as we discuss the identity crisis many people face after rehab and how alcohol-free events can prove that fun doesn't require alcohol.
⭐️ Discover the profound impact of AF life on building deeper, more meaningful connections with friends and family.
⭐️ We take a closer look at the journey of recovery, highlighting the importance of support groups and personal growth.
⭐️ Find out how being AF can bring contentment and joy to everyday life, even in the simplest moments.
⭐️ Learn about the availability of non-alcoholic alternatives at pub events, making inclusive choices more accessible.
⭐️ See how Anthony Hammond is making his pubs a safe space for trying out non-alcoholic drinks and food options.

This episode is all about the power of alcohol-free living, the importance of community, and the journey from addiction to acceptance.

👋 Find out more about Anthony and get tickets to his upcoming events at For tickets head to our website www.pubwithnobooze.com.au


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