#52 Groovy AF

Join me on this week's episode of Midlife AF as I sit down with the incredible DJ Lady Langers.

Discover the powerful story of how music and authenticity transformed Michelle's life as she embraced an alcohol-free journey.

Together, we discuss the importance of community, connection, and the joy of dancing through midlife. Get ready for an uplifting conversation filled with insights and inspiration.

Episode Takeaways:

  • Learn how Michelle, DJ Lady Langers, found her passion for music from a young age and turned it into a creative career.
  • Explore the role of authenticity in Michelle's life and how going alcohol-free allowed her to truly be herself.
  • Understand the vital importance of community and the incredible support network within the alcohol-free community.
  • Discover how alcohol-free drinks can normalise socialising without alcohol. Gain insights into the concept of "vibrational alignment" and how Michelle's energy and buzz factor drive her life.
  • Join the excitement of the upcoming event "Pub with No Booze," where DJ Lady Langers will be spinning tunes, and alcohol-free options abound.
  • Find inspiration in Michelle's journey to live authentically and embrace the joy of midlife without alcohol.

Don't miss this episode full of positivity, connection, and the uplifting power of music in midlife.


  1. Join Emma and a brilliant group of people at The Pub With No Booze for their famous tasting event on October 14 - https://www.meetup.com/untoxicated-booze-free-fun-and-friendship-melbourne/events/295945313/?_xtd=gqFyqTMwMTUzMDg4N6Fwo2FwaQ%253D%253D&from=ref 
  2. Emma's Awareness worksheets for people wanting to prepare prior to taking a break from drinking or reduce their drinking by being more mindful about what and why they drink https://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/awareness-worksheets-opt-in
  3. Emma's 5 Day Alcohol Reset for people looking to take a quick reset https://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/fivedayreset
  4. Sober October is here - join The Self-Paced Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment at https://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/aae

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