#78 Sober AF

This week I’m delighted to be welcoming back to the podcast, author Victoria BatStone to discuss her memoir 1000 Wasted Sundays. Vic shares personal stories from her journey navigating midlife without alcohol after years of binge drinking and partying. We discuss the impact of addiction on identity and self-discovery, as well as how trauma and societal pressures influenced our relationships with alcohol from a young age. We also explore how sobriety has helped us gain self-awareness and confidence through therapy, writing, and embracing simple joys in life.

Episode Highlights:
- How alcoholism affected the Vic’s sense of self and ability to evolve emotionally
- The role of trauma, microaggressions, and lack of emotional education in developing unhealthy coping mechanisms a
- Insights on addiction, recovery, and gaining clarity through long-term sobriety
- Tools for self-care, personal growth, and maintaining "sobriety capital" in the recovery journey


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