#68 Loved AF

Emma Walkinshaw shares her personal transformation from struggling with lack of body acceptance to becoming a transformational life coach focused on intuitive eating and body positivity.

She discusses overcoming internalised fatphobia and the importance of challenging societal beauty standards. Emma also provides insights from her upcoming Body Love Revolution summit aimed at normalising all bodies.

Episode Highlights:

  • Recognising the impact of comparison and cultivating interoceptive awareness through intuitive eating practices
  • Questioning diet culture programming and the desire for control it provides
  • Learning to respect what our bodies need through mindfulness and seasonal eating
  • Accepting our bodies are in constant flux and flow rather than criticising changes
  • Understanding body image issues impact all of us and finding community is empowering
  • Coping mechanisms like restrictive eating stem from emotional responses and lack of power
  • Cultivating self-love, compassion and allowing self-expression freely


My Upcoming Live Coached Events & Programs:

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