#85 My Story AF

For those new to my circle or new to the podcast, I'm sharing my personal journey of reducing and eventually stopping drinking. I open up about growing up neurodivergent and using alcohol to mask and fit in, and how examining my beliefs about alcohol led me to question my identity and relationship with myself. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Everyone's story is worth sharing to reduce stigma and connect with others
  • Drinking is often used to escape from uncomfortable feelings and suppress our true selves
  • Limiting beliefs about alcohol can be unravelled to build a supportive relationship with ourselves
  • Taking a break from drinking allows us to process emotions and integrate our experiences
  • Reducing drinking in a gentle, non-judgemental way helps nurture self-love and authenticity

Let me show you how easy it can be to go from feeling tired, bloated, overwhelmed and slugglish to jubilantly full of beans and ready to take on the world with my program of events leading up the the 30 day Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment this May.

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