#35 Rested AF - Nurturing Well-being in Midlife and Beyond

In this episode of Midlife AF, host Emma Gilmour is joined by special guest Jane Hutchens, a nurse, herbalist, nutritionist, and women's health expert.

Emma and Jane delve into the importance of rest during the midlife stage, particularly in perimenopause and beyond. They explore the challenges women face, the impact of societal expectations, and how rest can be a transformative tool for well-being.

Join this warm and insightful conversation as they discuss the power of embracing rest and finding resilience in the journey of midlife.

Key takeaways from this episode include:


👉 Rest is not only about physical rejuvenation but also about creating spaciousness for reflection and self-discovery.

👉 Honouring the need for rest in midlife is crucial for navigating the physical and emotional changes that occur during this stage.

👉 Society often emphasises productivity as a measure of worth, but it's essential to challenge these beliefs and prioritise self-care.

👉 Reflecting on personal needs and envisioning a different future allows for intentional choices in embracing rest.

Menopause can be a transformative journey that liberates women from societal expectations and fosters a sense of autonomy and freedom.

We are delighted to share this conversation as a podcast for those who missed the live session. Join Emma and Jane in exploring the power of rest and resilience in midlife and beyond.


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