#24 Ange's Personal Journey to Sobriety and Finding Strength in Midlife

Ange's Personal Journey to Sobriety and Finding Strength in Midlife

When today's guest - a yoga teacher and meditation healer - sought help for her emotional and physical instability, she discovered that the last time she drank was the start of her journey to reclaim her power and stop her 10+ year dependency on alcohol.


"Get off your ass and get out of your stuck stage. You can do this. Look at me."


Angela Edge is a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, healer, neuroscience trainer and coach. She has a passion for helping people get out of their stuck stage and works with businesses to help them reach their goals. She has a beautiful sparkle and joy of life and is an extraordinary teacher with a powerful story that we know you are going to love.


In this episode, Ange shares:

  1. How she became aware of her pattern of behaviour while drinking and that catalyst that made her stop.
  2. Strategies she used to find the strength to break her drinking habit and build emotional and physical stability.
  3. How a bricklayer client helped her become aware of her drinking problem.


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