#19 - Choosing you this Valentines

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue - This Valentine’s Day Will You Choose YOU?


Choosing YOU This V-Day!

In this episode, Emma explores why taking a break from drinking and reducing alcohol consumption is the most radical act of self-care. She shares how the fear of being rejected, alone, and unloved can be present in people who drink, especially those with trauma in their backgrounds.

You’ll also discover how taking a break from drinking and taking care of oneself is an act of self-love and compassion, and is key to teaching children how to love and take care of themselves.


"Taking a break from or reducing your alcohol consumption is a radical act of self compassion and self love."


In this episode, Emma will help you to unpack:

  1. How is reducing drinking or taking a break from drinking the most radical act of self-care?
  2. What are the psychological and physiological effects of ingesting addictive substances like alcohol?
  3. How can we practice self-love and choose ourselves this Valentine’s Day without feeling guilty or ashamed?


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