#15 - The New Year AF Episode

Midlife AF Episode 15 - The New Year AF Episode!


It’s officially 2023, so naturally in this episode I'm going to talk about what the New Year means for me, and what it can mean for you as you navigate all of the feelings that come with the unwrapping of a brand new calendar.

To me, the new year is about bringing self compassion to the front and centre of these new beginnings, which means we need to say ‘goodbye’ to some of the regular guests who may have been taking up rent-free space in our heads in 2022.

We’re saying goodbye to punishment.
We’re saying goodbye to restrictions.
We’re saying goodbye to changing who we are.

Instead, this episode will empower you to bring in the new year with a sense of abundance, as I’ll share:

  • The ways in which diet culture is unhealthy and manipulative, especially for women in midlife
  • The importance of rewiring our inner-monologue, and rebuilding the blocks on which we have built our personalities based on societal feedback
  • How to go back to our precious, human essence and nurture her as she navigates the new year with self love and compassion


I’ll also be sharing the most important questions you can ask yourself as we begin this new year together.

“What if there was nothing wrong with you? And what if you didn't need to change? What if you didn't need to punish yourself into anything?”


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