#25 How Liz Rebuilt Her Identity After Burnout

How Liz Rebuilt Her Identity After Burnout

This week's guest is a teacher, ex-lawyer, and Qoya teacher who helps people learn how to be with their bodies in a safe and vulnerable environment. She is passionate about helping people process difficult feelings and experiences in their day to day lives in a way that feels good.


In this powerful episode, Liz opens up about her journey as a lawyer who worked with traumatised women for 10 years before reaching breaking point and knowing she had to change her career. After discovering Qoya - a movement practice that allowed her to connect with her body and express her emotions without judgement or expectations - Liz became a Qoya teacher and used it as a powerful tool to rebuild her identity post-burnout and alcohol.


In this episode, Liz and Emma discuss

  1.   Uncovering the Power of Embodiment: Discover how Qoya can be used to help people connect with their bodies and discover new feelings and emotions.
  2.  Transforming Emotional Wellbeing: Explore how Qoya can be used to help people process deep-held emotions and trauma.
  3.  The Magic of Shaking: Learn how shaking can help to release fear and adrenaline, and how it can be used to tap into our full range of emotions.


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