#20 Restricted to Liberated - Rebecca's Journey

Progress Over Perfection: Bec's New Alcohol Free Journey

In this week's episode of Midlife AF, Emma welcomes Rebecca to join her behind the mic to share her powerful and relatable alcohol-free journey with the world.

After six years of living a completely alcohol-free life, Bec found herself craving the odd drink or two. And slowly but surely, alcohol started to get a bit of a hold again as she began to hide her drinking and feel the shame attached to it.

In this raw and honest insight into this challenging period, Bec shares what it has been like for her to find a new way of stopping drinking, and how important community has been in her journey towards gentle loving kindness and self compassion without judgement.

"Everybody knew I didn't drink, and I simply couldn't drink in front of anybody. It just wasn't an option. And so it had to be sneaky. And that sneaky element really frightened me."


In this episode, Emma and Bec explore:

  1. What it means to find out who you really are when you are alcohol-free
  2. Why cultural conditioning could be having a significant impact on your relationship with alcohol
  3. The importance of a like-minded community and imperfect vulnerability to support you through the highs and lows of alcohol-free life

You'll also learn why it's so important to focus on progress over perfection - the goal is to simply put more into the alcohol free bucket, so that eventually it tips. 


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