#09 - Happiness Beyond “The Buzz”

In this week's episode of Midlife AF we talk about happiness, the pursuit of pleasure, and happiness as a form of contentment with the ups and downs of life.

Over the next 30 minutes, together we will unpack:

  1. How dopamine works in our bodies, and its relationship to alcohol, pleasure and “the buzz”
  2. Discovering the joy of Eudaimonia is in the variety of life
  3. Ways in which alcohol-fuelled dopamine takes us away from what is actually happening (and why this is a bad thing)
  4. Why women’s hormones change in their 40s and 50s, and what this means for our relationships to ourselves and society
  5. Ways that you can unlock your own forms of self care
  6. Coming to finally accept that the joy is in the journey

 "There are so many great ways to get natural highs. There are so many great ways to calm our nervous systems and to regulate our nervous systems - we just haven't been taught them.”

I'm on a journey to discover who I really am, and why alcohol became such a big part of my life for a long time. In this path of self-discovery, I realized that I used to drink to escape from my reality, and although this was hard for me to accept at first, I know now that this is such a common story for women in midlife.

I’ve learned that life is not meant to be a constant stream of pleasure and that the most interesting and pleasurable parts are in the journey - and I am delighted to share that journey with you.

Join me is discovering the magic in finding out who we are without alcohol!


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