#00 - Midlife AF Podcast Preview

Welcome to the Midlife AF podcast - for women navigating midlife and their relationship with alcohol! In this preview episode, I'm sharing my intentions for the podcast and what you can expect as a regular listener to the show!

The Midlife AF podcast will;

- Honour how goddamn tough (and divinely freeing) it is to be a woman in midlife

- Provide really practical tools that I use in my coaching business and with myself to create an Alcohol-Free life that I genuinely love.

- Talk and hold space for the things that come up when we take alcohol out of the equation (all the things we were drinking to avoid) and how to approach them.

- Share my joy in the journey of uncovering what made us drink in the first place, how to sit with discomfort and learn how to have our own back and stop abandoning ourselves in our distress

- Talk about what is like approaching or being in the sandwich generation and the impact both our parents and teens can have on our nervous systems, mental health ability to prioritise our own health and wellbeing

- Talk about the menopause and peri-menopause and all it’s unspoken about problems (and benefits) and why it is particular unpleasant to mix with alcohol!

- Talk about trauma, big and little T and what it does to our nervous systems.

- Talk about the reasons women drink - which has very little to do with alcohol and everything to do with how we feel in our bodies and what we are telling ourselves or holding in our subconscious.

- It is highly likely at some point we will get on to Yoni, pelvic healing and the cervical orgasm - mainly because I am interested in the healing opportunities there - haven’t done anything about it yet but I am slowly gathering momentum.

- I will probably talk a bit too much about ocean swimming and how much it helps me mentally and physically as well as my favourite monthly swim at full moon #boobstothemoon

- We will talk about people pleasing, perfectionism and how to work with negative and limiting thoughts and beliefs. And how having to work on this in order to find ourselves is universal for so many women.

- We will talk about the patriarchal culture and society we live in and how that is impacting us

- I am a passionate feminist so if that’s not your bag - see ya!

- I will talk about neurodiversity - as we are a recently diagnosed neurodiverse family - in a positive, informative and honest way. - There is a high correlation between neurodiversity and substance abuse and more and more women in midlife are being diagnosed - we will talk about why that is too.

- We will talk about body image, intuitive eating, disordered eating, diet culture and how this all adds to the bloody heavy load we carry as women.

- This will also be a podcast for fun and laughter and hope as that is my default setting.

- It will also be a podcast full of love and compassion as we know that that is the route to all long lasting transformation. I will bring on awesome guests with wisdom, and experience to share that will help us on our journey. Most of all, I want this to be a place of connection and understanding.

Vulnerability and awkwardness will abound as we learn to create this next chapter of our lives as authentically as possible.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me as we find our groove without booze.

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