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In this heartwarming episode of Midlife AF, I'm joined by the inspiring Josephine Lancuba. Together, we dive deep into the profound impact of adverse childhood experiences and the healing potential found in resilience, forgiveness, and self-acceptance. Join us as we share our personal journeys, discuss the stigma of problematic alcohol use, and explore the power of embracing your true self in midlife.

Episode Takeaways:

  • The importance of resilience in overcoming trauma and difficult life circumstances.
  • Exploring Jo's journey from a challenging upbringing to finding redemption and self-acceptance.
  • The normalisation of alcohol use in families and its impact on individuals.
  • Breaking the stigma around problematic alcohol use in midlife.
  • The significance of forgiveness and self-love in healing from past traumas.
  • Valuing oneself and setting boundaries against abuse and mistreatment.
  • The beauty of celebrating nature and inclusivity in today's non-alcoholic beverage market.
  • A reminder to let yourself heal and not be consumed by life's burdens.


⭐ Emma's Awareness worksheets for people wanting to prepare prior to taking a break from drinking or reduce their drinking by being more mindful about what and why they drink https://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/awareness-worksheets-opt-in

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