#70 Metaphysical AF

On this episode of Midlife AF, I talk with Filipa Bellette about her book "Ending Body Burnout" and our experiences with burnout, people-pleasing, and alcohol use.

We discuss the connection between underlying beliefs, trauma, and dysfunctional behaviors, as well as ways to address both physical and mental imbalances for lasting change.

Episode Highlights:

  • How busyness, perfectionism, and people-pleasing can lead to burnout of the body systems
  • The role that underlying beliefs about ourselves play in developing coping mechanisms like overworking, binge eating, and drinking
  • How even seemingly small childhood experiences can impact our nervous systems and lead to trauma responses
  • The importance of addressing both physical imbalances and deeper root causes through techniques like belief reprogramming
  • My upcoming 5-day virtual retreat on changing your relationship with alcohol by challenging limiting beliefs and prioritising self-care


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