#32 Sober Travel: Navigating Midlife Adventures without Alcohol

Are you a woman in midlife looking to travel without alcohol? In this episode of Midlife AF, Emma talks about her recent long-distance flight experience and the differences in travelling sober versus with alcohol. She discusses her upcoming program, the Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment Live, and shares tips for navigating travel without relying on alcohol to relax, soothe pain, or ease nerves.

Join Emma as she dives into the many benefits of travelling alcohol-free and explores the mindset shift required to embrace a life without alcohol.

Key takeaways from this episode include:


  • Travelling sober can be a vastly different experience than travelling with alcohol. Emma shares her own experiences and the benefits of travelling without alcohol, such as being fully present, remembering more details of the trip, and feeling less anxious.
  • Changing your mindset around alcohol is key to travelling without it. Emma discusses the work she does with clients to shift their beliefs about alcohol and the various tactics and tools she recommends for navigating travel without relying on alcohol to cope.
  • Living alcohol-free is not about deprivation or missing out. Emma talks about the freedom and peace that comes with living a life without alcohol, and how this mindset shift can positively impact all areas of your life, including travel.


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