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When Amelia found herself struggling with her relationship with alcohol, she joined the Aussie Alcohol Experiment and began a journey of self-discovery and sobriety, discovering that her path to freedom is supported by a powerful and uplifting group of women.

"When you stop drinking, you free up so much mind space and time, and you're able to look at your life and feel so much more free." -Amelia

Amelia Parkinson is a single mum and entrepreneur who has been working with the Aussie Alcohol Experiment since August 2021. Through the Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment and Be The Lighthouse programs, Amelia has been able to gain emotional support and clarity about her relationship with alcohol and its effects on her life. In this episode she shares how she has been able to enjoy activities and holidays sober, and join a community of like-minded women who encouraged her to stay sober.

In this episode, we explore:

✅ The role of feminism in alcohol consumption among women and mum
✅ The unseen impact that alcohol has in everyday life and relationships
✅ The power of community empowerment when cutting back or quitting alcohol

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