#18 - The Journey Home: Ellie Crowe's Story of Reconnecting with Herself After Alcohol

The Journey Home: Ellie Crowe's Story of Reconnecting with Herself After Alcohol

With her primal need for connection and survival, Ellie Crowe was desperately seeking freedom from alcohol and a way to process her emotions, only to discover that the journey home to self is both terrifying and wondrous.


This week’s guest, Ellie Crowe is a This Naked Mind grey-area drinking coach and podcast host of Present and Sober. Ellie has been alcohol free since 2019 and is passionate about helping other moms reconnect with themselves and find freedom from alcohol.


In this episode, Ellie and Emma share:

  • How removing alcohol can help people feel more connected to themselves.
  • The journey to self-discovery and reconnecting to oneself after disconnection due to trauma or adversity.
  • The impact of hormonal difficulty, sleep deprivation, and lack of social support on mental health and the use of alcohol as a coping mechanism.

"It's life-giving and I don't think there is any greater gift that you can give yourself than to be present to your life, the entirety of it."


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