#21 - 21 Minutes of Morning Magic

21 Minutes of Morning Magic

When this week's guest decided to take a break from booze in January 2023, she discovered the empowering and joyful potential of her own intuition and set out on a mission to help others do the same.

Emma Walkinshaw is the creator of 21 Minutes of Morning Magic - a program designed to provide a daily practice of yoga, meditation and journaling and in this episode she shares her journey of mindfulness and the power of curiosity. By taking a break, Emma has achieved a higher level of joy in her life which she now shares with others on their alcohol-free journey.

Emma and I have teamed up to offer sign-ups to The Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment-LIVE! March 2023 the opportunity to have a month’s membership to 21 Minutes of Morning Magic FREE to scaffold their 30 day break from booze!

Over the next 40 minutes, you will:

  1. Discover the power of curiosity to create a positive shift in your own life. 
  2. Explore the lesser-known and deeper benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle
  3. Examine the importance of self-care and personal mastery

"When we sit in the morning and we spend some time in our flowetry, in our journaling, we're actually setting our compass for the day, giving our intuition a chance to talk to us and discover what actually does light us up"


  • If you aren’t ready to stop drinking but want to make some positive steps to a healthier relationship or prepare for taking a break with alcohol join my 3 Day Virtual Retreat this 21st to 23rd February.  Details here or https://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/virtual_retreat 
  • If you can't make the Virtual Retreat, my Masterclass on '5 Surprising Ways taking a break from booze can be effortless AND change your life' is on Monday 27th February at 7:30pm (AEDT).  Register here or https://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/feb_masterclass_registration

  •  Ready to hit the ‘stop’ button in 2023? Here is the link to join the March Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment - 'Live' and take 30 days to examine the beliefs around alcohol that are keeping you stuck.  Join the waitlist here. or https://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/aae

     (Registrations made this week will be contacted with a link to an early bird bonus)

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Learn more about Emma Walkinshaw at: https://www.emmawalkinshaw.com.au/

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or: https://www.emmawalkinshaw.com.au/21-minute-morning-challenge

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