#07 - Inside the Aussie Alcohol Experiment


This episode is about getting the message out there that the Aussie Alcohol Experiment program is coming, what’s involved and why it means so much to me.  We talk about why stopping drinking is not the objective of joining the alcohol experiment. Why it’s a journey of love and self discovery and such an important self care option for women in midlife. Especially with the silly season fast approaching.

I hope you enjoy and I see you inside the Aussie Alcohol Experiment.  The last 2022 Alcohol Experiment closes on Wednesday 2nd November.  It will be back in March 2023. In the podcast I talk about the August zoom live session coaching times.  For the November group these are: 8pm Monday & 6pm every other day.  Each session is recorded and shared within the group within 24 hours.

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The 30 Day Aussie Alcohol Experiment. ttps://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/aussie-alcohol-experiment-november-2022


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