#66 Coachable AF

I'm opening up about what it means to be coachable and open to change. I talk about my own training and methodology as both a coach and counsellor, and the importance of looking deeply at underlying reasons for behaviours rather than surface fixes.

Key takeaways include understanding your relationship with discomfort, learning to nurture yourself through distress, and choosing self-care over people-pleasing.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Being coachable requires willingness to look at what's really happening and make necessary changes
  • Our behaviours often have very good underlying reasons related to early life experiences
  • True change comes through discomfort, not by avoiding or dismissing difficult feelings
  • Focus on nurturing the "original human" within through self-compassion instead of self-judgment
  • Choose yourself and your needs above all else, including other people's perceptions


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