#03 - Why the Body Matters with Special Guest Jolene Park

#03 - Jolene Parks - Why the Body Matters


In this episode of midlife, we meet the Queen, the thought leader, the godmother of grey area drinking and coaching - Jolene Park.

Jolene has a TED talk, which has had over 300,000 downloads.

We are talking about the importance of nourishing our neurotransmitters, and supporting our nervous systems when we are looking to change our relationship with alcohol. 

We talk about trying to medicate a dysregulated nervous system - which is why a lot of people drink - when we've been triggered by our reaction to something or when we're feeling either really extremely joyful or we're feeling incredibly anxious. And the things that we can do, instead of drinking to calm our nervous systems in a way that moves us towards our goal of not drinking. 

Jolene explains exactly what Grey Area Drinking is and takes us through and grounding practice and explain why it is grounding that the body is seeking when it reaches for alcohol. It’s fascinating!

I think you’ll love Jolene, she has had a huge influence over my coaching and alcohol-free journey. Thank you for coming on this journey with me as together we find our groove without booze.

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Jolene Parks, Grey Area Drinking: https://grayareadrinkers.com/

Sober AF Bundle https://grayareadrinkers.com/ultimate-course-bundles/

Sober Choice https://healthydiscoveries.mykajabi.com/the-sober-choice

NOURISH Gray Area Drinking Coach Training https://healthydiscoveries.mykajabi.com/nourish

Private 1:1 Coaching with Jolene https://grayareadrinkers.com/private-coaching-with-jolene-park/

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma  by  Dr Bessel Van der Kolk

This Naked Mind: The Alcohol Experiment, This Naked Life Podcasts & This Naked Mind & Alcohol Experiment Books https://thisnakedmind.com/


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