#10 - Finding a New High

On this week's episode of Midlife AF, I know you’re going to love meeting a very special guest, Katie Underwood!

In this episode, Katie shares how to achieve an altered state through natural means when you are seeking something spiritual and enlightening without drugs or alcohol.

You’ll also discover:

  • How Katie’s life has evolved professionally and personally.
  • Katie’s journey with sobriety and the empowerment that she felt when she identified as ‘an alcoholic’.
  • The positive impact of hyper-oxygenating your blood through natural means.
  • The flow on effect of taking breaks from drugs and alcohol.

Katie also shares how she uses breath, voice and instruments in her healing work with her extraordinary community. 

“Sometimes when we move into sobriety…there’s a grief that comes with it, because we don’t want to give that feeling up. I think that's what keeps people stuck in their patterns for so long. We want to be healthy, and we want to have good relationships, but we’re not ready to give up having a good time.”

Join us, as Katie takes you on a journey and shares practical strategies that you can use to move closer towards a goal of a greater integration, a greater love and connectedness with yourself and the world around you.



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