#06 - Member Story with Lou Coates


In this episode of Midlife AF, you'll get to meet my wonderful friend and virtual assistant Lou Coates. Lou joined me for the Aussie Alcohol Experiment back in July 2021. We'd never met each other before. And she was such an amazing help to me as a participant in the group reminding me to press record on my zooms, and so on. We ended up becoming friends. And I asked her to come and work with me. Lou and I have a lot in common. We both have teenage kids who've had their struggles recently, we both really identified heavily as drinkers, our partners both still drink. We both lost our dads. And in fact, Lou’s dad had just passed away when she decided to do the alcohol experiment and see what would happen for her if she took a break from drinking. And she talks about that very openly in this podcast. 

And both Lou and I are very happily alcohol free. Lou’s been through a momentous year this year. She's had a lot going on. And she's done it all alcohol free. As she says in her own words, she doesn't even think about alcohol anymore. I just think that's amazing. That's where we want to be right? Lou’s a woman just like all of us with ups and downs that happen in life. And she's got the added element of having a beautiful, very active four year old to wrangle with as well. 

So I'd love you to meet Lou, she's my right hand woman, and I think you will all relate to her story. 

So enjoy!


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