#23 Inside the Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment - Live

Inside The Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment - Live

This BONUS podcast episode explores what taking a break from booze and exploring what your relationship with alcohol is really about!


The Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment is based on research, compassion, and understanding. It is an experiment, rather than a program to stop drinking, and the goal is to break limiting beliefs around alcohol.

Members receive daily emails and video content, a Facebook group for community support, and group coaching to help break beliefs and increase awareness. The program helps participants to make intentional decisions around alcohol and to invest time and energy in themselves.


In this podcast episode, Emma unpacks:

  1. What the great Aussie alcohol experiment is REALLY like
  2. How you can shift limiting beliefs around alcohol
  3. How taking a break from alcohol can help you make even more meaningful changes in life

  • If you couldn’t make the Virtual Retreat, my Masterclass on '5 Surprising Ways taking a break from booze can be effortless AND change your life' is on Monday 27th February at 7:30pm (AEDT).  Register https://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/feb_masterclass_registration
  • Ready to hit the ‘stop’ button in 2023? Here is the link to join the March Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment - 'Live' and take 30 days to examine the beliefs around alcohol that are keeping you stuck.  Join the experiment here: https://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/the_great_aussie_alcohol_experiment  


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