#14 - Ali's Journey

Midlife AF - Ali’s Journey


On this week's episode of Midlife AF, I know you’re going to love meeting a very special guest, my client and dear friend Ali!

In this episode, Ali shares her own unique pathway towards living a happy, alcohol-free life which has seen many ups, downs and in-betweens. You’ll also discover:


  • What the journey of becoming a non-drinker could look like for you.
  • The importance of having a safe place to share your story and having a small group of people who can help you when you are struggling.
  • What happens when you slow down and take a look at what’s going on.


Ali also shares what the alcohol and anxiety spiral looked like for her, and how her work and personal relationships have since changed.


“Change happens in an instant. It's the preparation for change that takes time.”


Join us, as Ali shares her inspiring journey while empowering you to continue learning, build your resilience muscle, and most importantly, to get ready for extraordinary change. 



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