#48 Empire Building AF

Join Emma and the incredible Tina Tower in this episode of "Midlife AF." Tina, an inspiring entrepreneur and mentor, takes us on her personal journey of going alcohol-free for a year. No holds barred, she spills the beans on how this decision rocked her world, transformed her business, and deepened her family bonds. Tina's candid chat reminds us all about the magic of conscious choices when it comes to alcohol. Tune in for a dose of personal growth, discipline, and a quest for a more balanced, booze-light life.

Episode Takeaways:

Everyday Energy Boost: Discover how Tina's decision to skip the spirits gave her csistent energy throughout the day. No more post-lunch slump, just more lively mornings!

Clarity & Emotional Balance: Tina shares how her alcohol hiatus brought her newfound clarity and emotional equilibrium. Say hello to better decision-making and stable moods.

Leading by Example: Tina's motivation? Setting an inspiring example for her teenage sons. Her journey shows us the power of modeling responsible choices for the next generation.


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