#80 True AF

I'm joined by my teacher Jay Moon Fields to discuss the transformative journey of embodied self-care. Jay shares insights from over 20 years working somatically to help people develop mindfulness of the mind-body connection. We explore how trauma and suppression impact sensitivity, and how developing skills for feeling feelings can help overcome addiction and conditioning.

Learn practical tools Jay has shared with me for setting boundaries, applying knowledge with our whole being, and choosing ourselves each day.

Episode Highlights:

  • Understand how trauma and suppression impact the mind-body connection
  • Recognise signs of highly sensitive people and develop coping skills beyond numbing
  • Start with acknowledging feelings you're resisting rather than avoiding them
  • Develop embodied tools to apply what you intellectually understand
  • Challenge binary thinking and the idea that there is only one reality
  • Learn how somatic coaching can help rebuild self-worth infrastructure

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