#57 Sensory AF

In this episode, ADHD coach Sharon Collon shares her top tips for enjoying social events without relying on alcohol.

She discusses strategies for managing sensory overload and social anxiety, including visualising your ideal night, pacing your drinking with a sensible friend, and setting social challenges to stay engaged.

Episode Highlights:

  • Visualise how you want your night to go before arriving to set intentions
  • Pace your drinking by watching someone you perceive as a "sensible" drinker
  • Bring fidget toys or do breathing exercises to manage sensory overload
  • Set social challenges like getting photos with people to stay engaged
  • Know your limits and set expectations for leaving to avoid feeling trapped

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Learn more about Sharon Collon at: https://www.thefunctionalfamily.com/ 
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Learn more about Emma Gilmour at: www.hoperisingcoaching.com
Follow Emma Gilmour on insta @hoperisingcoaching

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