#28 Neurodivergence, Perimenopause & Alcohol

Neurodivergence, Perimenopause & Alcohol

After years of struggling to fit in and self-sabotaging, Emma embarked on a journey to confront her neurodivergence and perimenopause head-on and reclaim her identity without alcohol.


"I don't like to use the words "giving up" because it implies that I've given up something good. And I come from a place where I absolutely, 100% believe that it was one of the best choices and one of the best things I've ever done."


Emma's life was filled with chaotic energy, yet she managed to keep it all together until she suddenly experienced an emotional breakdown. As she began to rebuild her life, she discovered her two children had ADHD and autism. This led her to learn more about neurodivergence and perimenopause, which she believes was the key to understanding her own struggles. After years of trying to fit in, she finally found peace and is now helping other women in midlife find the same.


In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The Link Between Neurodivergence and Alcohol: Discover why alcohol is the perfect storm for those with neurodivergent conditions.
  2. Midlife and Perimenopause: Learn why many people experience perimenopause symptoms in their early 40s and how to navigate this stage of life.
  3. Emma's Journey: Explore Emma's personal journey of understanding her neurodivergence and giving up alcohol.


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