#26 Alcohol-Free Parenting with Heidi Nicole

Alcohol-Free Parenting with Heidi Nicole

Take a deep breath, replace guilt with gratitude, and create your best life with a special guest, Heidi Nicole.


Heidi is a sober lifestyle coach and a 20-year Air Force veteran. She is a trained Grey Area Drinking Coach who is passionate about empowering women to create a new lifestyle and reach their full potential.

After six years alcohol-free, Heidi created a community to provide support and empowerment for women, encouraging them to create their best life. As a parent, she teaches her children to make their own choices while being aware of their emotions by providing practical tools to help them stay present and calm.

"It's easy to stay in that nightly drink routine, but this is about creating your best life for yourself. Don't let guilt, shame, and peer pressure hold you back - plan, prepare, and take the opportunity to create your best life!"

Emma and Heidi chat about:


  1. How to create a healthier lifestyle when giving up alcohol
  2. Strategies for navigating tough conversations with our children about alcohol
  3. Using the four, seven, eight breath technique to self-calm
  4. Why we as women need to prioritise reducing guilt and shame


  • My Masterclass on '5 Surprising Ways taking a break from booze can be effortless AND change your life' is on Monday 27th February at 7:30pm (AEDT).  Register https://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/feb_masterclass_registration
  • Ready to hit the ‘stop’ button in 2023? Here is the link to join the March Great Aussie Alcohol Experiment - 'Live' and take 30 days to examine the beliefs around alcohol that are keeping you stuck.  Join the experiment here: https://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/the_great_aussie_alcohol_experiment  


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