#12 - Giving Your Senses A Great Big Cuddle!

Midlife AF Episode 12 - Giving Your Senses A Great Big Cuddle!


Once upon a time, there was NO WAY this week’s podcast guest could have imagined not drinking.

Sarah Connelly was stuck in a cycle of on-again off-again drinking, binge drinking, drinking alone and feeling shame, guilt and anxiety almost daily.


As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and someone with social anxiety, Sarah drank before she went out. She hated small talk, so she drank to fit in. She drank to numb and soothe her nervous system. She drank away her motivation and her potential.

She was in survival mode, living on a rollercoaster of drunken highs and regretful lows.

Sound familiar?

Then you are going to love this episode as (now 3-years-sober) Thrivalist and The Alcohol-Free lifestyle coach, Sarah Connelly shares her powerful story and gives an insight into the unique highs and lows of being a HSP.  Sarah will also help you unpack:


  • What a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is, and why alcohol is a widely used short-term ‘fix’.
  • How to uncover if you are an HSP, and what this could mean for your life and those around you.
  • How HSPs are able to connect with the deepest messages of the world.
  • The importance in recognising, acknowledging and celebrating your differences while getting familiar with them.

“Learning how to regulate the nervous system…whether you're HSP or not, is huge. Because we drink to change how we feel, and if we can get ourselves to that lovely calm state more regularly, then the urges to drink tend to be less intense.”

Join Emma Gilmour and Sarah Connelly as they take us on a deep dive into strategies to start rewriting what is okay and what is not okay not only at a personal level, but in a step to foster broader, positive societal change.


If you aren’t ready to stop drinking but want to make some positive steps to a healthier relationship or prepare for taking a break with alcohol download my FREE Awareness Worksheets: https://www.hoperisingcoaching.com/pl/2147565979


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