#88 Parenting ND AF

I'm welcoming autism parent and author Kate Laine Toner to discuss her experiences raising an autistic child and discovering her own autism later in life. Kate shares insights from her book "Where Do I Start?" on navigating the emotional journey of autism parenting and prioritising self-care. You'll learn about finding support groups, special interests, and letting go of toxic influences to better care for neurodivergent children and oneself.

Highlights include:

  • Kate shares her personal autism journey and insights from her book guiding new parents

  • We discuss the importance of self-care for parents and autistic individuals alike

  • Kate emphasises trusting your gut if concerned about your child and not waiting for a diagnosis

  • Connecting with other parents through support groups is crucial for sharing resources and normalising experiences

  • Parents must help children find their "tribe" through shared interests to avoid feeling alienated

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