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I'm delighted to be interviewing Hayley about her transformative experience changing her relationship with alcohol through my 5 Days to Freedom Virtual Retreat.

Hayley shares how she struggled to control her drinking despite being successful in other areas of life. She discusses finding community and accountability through daily online meetings, and how this helped her build confidence.

We also discuss personal growth practices like priming, gratitude journaling, and Ho'oponopono that have supported our wellness journeys.

Episode Highlights:

  • How community support through online programs can help change unhealthy drinking patterns
  • Normalising the experience of wanting to change your relationship with alcohol beyond stereotypes of addiction
  • Impact of daily check-ins and accountability on getting through the initial stages of change
  • Building confidence and doing things you never imagined through reducing alcohol intake
  • Practices like priming, gratitude journaling, and Ho'oponopono that support mental well-being and present-moment awareness

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