#69 Regulated AF

Amy Guerrero joins me to discuss her personal journey overcoming addiction through somatic experiencing and internal family systems therapy. We explore the importance of integrating personal growth into our professional lives and cultivating trust within ourselves. Amy shares how she now helps individuals develop their unique gifts to bring to the world through her Lead with Love program.

Episode Highiights:

  • How Amy discovered the connection between trauma and the body through her own experiences with addiction and sensitivity
  • The importance of curiosity over judgment in personal growth and undoing patterns
  • Bringing our whole selves to work, even in corporate environments, and learning to be undefendable without armour
  • Fragmentation in life leads to feeling "yucky" and out of integrity
  • Amy's approach to helping individuals start and scale businesses while transforming lifestyles through a whole-person lens
  • The lack of authenticity in online "hustle culture" and benefits of Amy's nurturing Lead with Love program


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