#13 - And so this is Christmas AF

Midlife AF Episode 13 - And So This Is Christmas AF


This week I am talking about all things Christmas AF.

Or more specifically, together we will be exploring the expectations and pressure that we put on ourselves having been conditioned to be responsible for everybody else's experience.

It’s not your typical Christmas chit chat, so strap in for some self-love!

Christmas is tough in a world that's created to keep us all working hard and producing, but the good news is that THIS Christmas, you have a choice.

You have a choice to stay with yourself.
You have a choice to create a Christmas period where you get to breathe and have space.

You have a choice, and in this episode you will discover ways to nurture your precious self and essence as together we explore:


  • The pressure that we put on ourselves to look, be and act ‘perfect’ over the Christmas period.
  • The origins of our culture that has given us the burden of “responsibility” and how difficult Christmas can be for women.
  • Unravelling the conditioning that we, as women, are validated by what we achieve.
  • Practical strategies for grounding, centering and orienting yourself when you need it
  • Defining what it is that YOU need this holiday.

“The reason you drink more than you should, or you want more than you wanted to is because of the way it works chemically in your brain. It has nothing to do with you as a human being; no reflection on your morals; no reflection on your weakness or strength.”


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