#17 - The Buzz: Friend Or Foe?

The Buzz: Friend Or Foe?

This week we are talking about The Buzz - the reason people drink.


🦸‍♂️ The amazing Buzz. That super guy who comes in and makes everything warm and fluffy, takes us away from ourselves, stops the bloody chatter in our head, gives us an excuse to sit down, gives us that floaty light feeling, and enables us to be fun and funny...or does he?


Struggling with self-sacrifice and feeling the need to escape from myself, the 'Buzz' of alcohol quickly became a sinister allure. In this episode of Midlife AF, I'm going to share with you how "The Buzz" was one of the many catalysts that led me on a journey to rediscover self-love and connection.


I'll share with you how I found alcohol consumption to be an act of self-sacrifice and self-silencing that took me away my true self, as together we explore:

  • Is the Buzz more sinister than it seems?
  • How giving up alcohol is a radical act of self-compassion
  • Why we should focus on connection and integration, and stand by ourselves to show our kids what is acceptable in relationships
  • Learning to sit in the discomfort of our feelings and be our own soft place to land.


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