I lost some friends along the way and that was OKĀ 

friendship swimming values Sep 30, 2021

 It turned out our relationship was built on booze and conversations that we had to drink through in order to enjoy.  Once we stopped having that in common, the conversations didn't feel the same.  I kept coming away from them feeling bad, my energy drained, our values weren't aligned.

I had to learn where my boundaries were and surround myself with people who made me feel good.  People who had my back, filled my cup and inspired me.

My real friends stayed. 

We just started having breakfasts, walks and SUPs going to things like Wim Hoff Fundamental events and having different kinds of fun. 

I remember those things so much more than the boozy afternoons drinking.

I started to change when I stopped drinking.  I started to try new things outside my 'safety zone' of running and drinking. I started swimming in the sea with a bunch of middle aged ladies like me (see pic with my buddy Fi).  We just set off, when we set off and you always have...

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